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SugarCRM Proves A Leader Continuously

SugarCRM continuously proves itself a leader in providing solutions for customer relationship management. The awards and acknowledgement it received from all over the world only depict how effective and efficient it is when it comes to ensuring client satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Why Sugar

SugarCRM combines technology, process and people to ensure that users maximize the opportunities they have. It is very easy to use as a platform for customer relationship management as it emphasizes helping every company in communicating with prospects, sharing sale leads and closing business deals. With all this, there is no wonder why SugarCRM is being used by thousands of successful companies to manage marketing, support and profits.

No Boundaries

It is an open-source solution that is also based on the web, making it customizable and adaptable to the changing needs of your business. Over 850,000 users in 30 countries place their full trust in what SugarCRM has to offer. Able to run on site or in the cloud, SugarCRM makes it ideal for start-up businesses, medium-sized firms or even government agencies or organizations. It chooses no business type or field line. Whether you belong to education, financial services, manufacturing, media, shipping, real estate or telecommunications, as long as it is applicable, it can offer great benefits and advantages for users.


CRM is always made simple. In fact, you can test this product for FREE. You can visit the site for more details. The site offers a complimentary 7 Day Trial to allow you to test drive SugarCRM with preloaded test users/data. This trial gives you the chance to see how information is presented by Sugar without doing a lot of efforts by showing you enough demonstration data and pre-existing personas. It also represents how support, marketing and sales management are associated with CRM. What is more is that you can use your own personal computer or mobile phone to access this free trial. But you have to make sure that you bookmark the unique URL that will be given so you can have your own access.

What’s More

SugarCRM has robust capabilities for mobile use. In fact, it can run on Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. With the rampant use of social networking sites, it integrates Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin into the services that it offers.
Moreover, this CRM solution does not limit itself to customer service. It is designed for team collaboration as well. A variety of collaboration features that range from GoogleDocs, LotusLive, GoToMeeting to WebEx are also available.

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Getting to Know Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

When you have a business that deals with a lot of clients and you do not know how to organize them, it is time to get Customer Relationship Management Software. It is the solution to your problem, for this allows you to organize costumer relations. It might be between you and the company, business or your client. It also includes maintaining your current costumer. But before you go and grab one, know CRM a little bit better.

For further information about Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM):

Advantages of CRM

CRM software can store and organize the information of your costumers (this includes phone numbers, addresses, previous calls and perfect times to call them) to your computer or your database. Another thing is professional service. This service will fit into your budget needs and as well as your access requirement needs. Thus, you will be in good shape to cater to the needs of your beloved costumers professionally.

Available widely, CRM software also gives you freedom to mobilize your workforces. It is possible because of the delivery method which is through online, desktop or mobile access. A reliable CRM software, SugarCRM has been continuously providing the best CRM solutions to every business in the world.

How to Choose CRM

You should take into consideration the problems you have at hand and the solution that you would want to have. You know that CRM software is available and it is the solution to your problem. There are a lot of kinds of CRM that are available in the market today. So how are you going to choose yours?

You should determine the needs of you business when it comes to CRM. Create a list of your needs and rank them according to importance. After you have created your list, look for the CRM software that would cater to your needs. You can go to the internet and do your research. Take note, some CRMs are designed for large industries and some are for smaller ones. So if you have a small business, choose the one that would perfectly fit your business needs. When done choosing, you can ask for a demonstration of the program that you are going to buy. Make sure you are satisfied with the product before purchasing it.

To assure professional services and quality, you can focus your attention on SugarCRM. Not only does it cover services from project management to sales prospects assurance to personnel management, it is also an open-source that makes it available for use without paying any.

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The Benefits that SugarCRM Provides to Both Businesses and Customers

The best thing about SugarCRM is that it allows businesses to recognize their best customers and potential clients. Realizing that empowers you to concentrate more on your marketing and sales accurately while retaining the loyalty that each of your clients has. There is no doubt that this open source software is designed to strengthen customer relationship management by improving the services and products being offered. But SugarCRM does not limit itself to improving customer service. The features that it has also include efficient team collaboration and effective marketing strategies.

Helps Customers Feel Being Valued

The main goal of the software is to value every customer that a business can have by letting them feel they are close to the organization. With Sugar, relationships with business partners are boosted so that that each party brings solidarity and good communication. You can integrate this CRM solution to outside parties which you think have the best measures in tracking customer retention as well as business performance. More than that, it is very surprising to discover that SugarCRM simplifies tasks and control business complexities by making procedures easy and manageable. With the use of this powerful CRM system, streamlining of workflow processes is never impossible.

Provides Thorough Training for New Users

Using this open source software is made easy. In fact, appropriate procedures and training can be provided by service providers and other SugarCRM partners to help users effectively understand the way it should be utilized for customer relationship management. Plus, service providers can offer you insights on how to determine the decision making and preferences of customers. With integrated business processes, the delivery of a seamless and unforgettable customer experience is assured. One of the aspects that SugarCRM guarantees is that all concerns, complaints and inquiries are immediately addressed once they are raised. There is no way for this CRM solution provider to neglect what its users need to get satisfaction from the services it provides.

Boosts User Adoption

Collaboration across departments and partners is left undisturbed by any possible challenges that a business may encounter. With its ability to boost user adoption, sales personnel are always in good communication with updated data on the workflow processes. Moreover, integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is made very easy for the management team to initiate business planning and objectives.
The deep capabilities of SugarCRM to promote business and customer growth make it a leading provider of customer relationship management solutions in the world. With Sugar, all business requirements are always fulfilled.

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SugarCRM 6.5

This spring SugarCRM has introduced its newest version of the customer relationship management platform the Sugar 6.5. The new version of SugarCRM aims to bring performance improvements while its most important feature is putting the user first by making it easier to find and have access to the needed customer information.

Some of the new features that make Sugar 6.5 more accessible to users are the updated navigation bar that was created so that users could have access to information without effort and the Full Text Search that finds data faster and easier. SugarCRM 6.5 is more driven by search, this being one of the main changes that have been done in CRM 6.5. The better search capabilities will give you new ways of searching in order to get the most important customer information that you need.

The new version also brings calendar enhancements supporting dynamic scheduling by using a simple drag and drop that supports recurring meetings and calls. Sugar has now made connecting to others easier through iCalendar integration by synchronizing Sugar calls, meetings, tasks and also projects to Google and iCal.

When it comes to administrative enhancements, SugarCRM has added a new editor to create dependent dropdowns and it has enhanced the formula builder in order to create calculated and depended fields in an easier manner.
All in all the 6.5 version of SugarCRM is user oriented making the use of this software easier and more accessible.
Through all the new improvements the company’s design philosophy is having a “user first” approach by offering the needed information in the fastest and most accurate manner.