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Capabilities and Enhancements in Sugar 6.3

Sugar 6.3 customer relationship management platform has been released by the leading CRM software SugarCRM to improved collaboration with CRM applications. Sugar 6.3 is designed to provide quick feedback enabling real-time integration and updated administrative control that offers a comprehensive view of activities and projects. SugarCRM 6.3 is an enhanced version of the company’s community edition (CE). It was created to be flexible and open application available for Sugar customers and developers.


The capabilities of the newest Sugar CRM 6.3 include fast editing and emailing archiving, improvised import wizard that permits the importing of data become just simple, the ability to import Google contact information, heightened administrative management, integrated Logic functionalities and improvements for performance and response-time. The Sugar 6.3 version includes extension framework improvements designed for providing modules that are installable with the ability of modifying metadata such as layouts, UserPage, Menus, global links languages and vardefs as safe as possible.


These enhancements are intended to allow the use of all modules without interference. The enhancements in Sugar 6.3 allow users to add their desired types of extensions if ever they want to. This version is made simple and open solutions that solve real business problems without changing the ways you do business. Sugar 6 has received several awards for its success including OnDemand Top 100 Winner, 2011 CRM One to Watch award, 2009 CRM Market Leader, CRM Best Practice Award, 2009 SIIA CODIE Winner and Cloud Computing Vendors 2009 award. With the release of Sugar 6.3, SugarCRM has added IBM Amazon web services and over 20 languages. It allows Hebrew and Arabic language transitions for the best performance of the team.


Sugar 6.3 includes Multi currency support and automatic conversion. Sugar has also raisied the standards for mobile CRM. Sugar Mobile browser offers CRM access from an HTML browser that works on all smart phones and tablets. Sugar mobile is designed specifically for all android and iPhone users. Sugar Mobile Plus is included for BlackBerry, iPad and iPhone. It encompasses offline sync which allows users to view and edit customer data even when they are not connected to the internet. It automatically synchronizes with your Sugar instance so your customer information is always up to date. Customer information will always remain secure even though your mobile phone is lost.


The Sugar 6.3 release adds a new popular feature. The users can arcade an email using any email client by simply Cc-ing or BCc-ing your Sugar email address. This makes you track all of customer transactions even easier. This version allows users to easily share documents with the team, customers or partners using LotusLive or GoogleDocs. Team collaboration is improved by My Activity Stream because you can track or subscribe to all team activities for leads, contacts, cases and opportunities. Administrator controls are deployed in Activity Streams to ensure that the team can always focus and be productive. Specific activity stream items can be replied to or deleted. Sugar Logic development tools are also enhanced to enable rich customizations including calculative fields, dependent fields and related fields.

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Sugar Social CRM and Its Capabilities

SugarCRM has become fully social with expanded capabilities of its social customer relationship management software. Sugar has extended its partnership with IBM and has acquired the iExtensions CRM from iEnterprises. It has added also BlackBerry and Droid Mobile applications to its list of offerings. Sales representatives, managers, customers support representations can now live inside Sugar through the Social CRM software. Sugar integrates online social networks mainly LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with online cooperation, sharing of documents, sales report intelligence and electronic mail marketing. Social CRM allows users to read the news feeds of their friends on Facebook in the Sugar dashlet for tools such as My Activity Stream. Users are allowed to see people capable of providing an initiation at a business in LinkedIn. Additionally, they can see tweets from people following them in the Sugar dashlet for Activity Streams and can add contact information and lead sources.

One of the main capabilities of Sugar Social CRM software is Email Integration. Users can archive e-mails to Sugar and sync information on contact data, calendar and projects through plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes. Sugar email client is also available to archive mails to Sugar through IMAP mail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. Further, this enables the sending of emails through the use of the credentials in user’s mail account from Sugar.

Sugar Social CRM software allows users to collaborate online. It integrates Webex from Cisco Systems, LotusLive business networking and collaboration cloud-based services from the Lotus Software division of IBM and the web-hosted service GoToMeeting marketed Citrix Online. Sugar Social CRM software also features the ability of relating documents to any tracks in Sugar as well as storing them through the use of Google Docs and LotusLive.

Sugar SugarCRM now integrates InsideView, a pre-installed module design to assist users in getting the latest and updated information on customers and potential clients. Social CRM software allows prospects and clients to spare more time online and share the needs of their businesses while assisting the sales department how and when they wand to do business. Companies and individuals are provided with unprecedented platform for the expression of their business challenges. Through InsideView, Sugar Social CRM software helps sales representatives to obtain higher win rates and shorter sales cycles by allowing them to follow their prospects and customers through social media integration.  Thus, sales people can gain the advantage of uncovering the right prospects while building strong relationships with them.

Sugar Social CRM is equipped with sales data intelligence. Users are able to get account and contact information in Hoovers, Zoominfo and Jigsaw through the use of Sugar Cloud Connectors. Sugar Social CRM includes integrations that are easy to build by using Module Builder, Sugar Studio and Cloud Connectors. Moreover, Sugar Social CRM software integrates Sugar Exchange Extensions. These include, which provides secure ways for managing content and files, and the nterprise social collaboration platform Qontext in which employees, clients, potential customers and business partners are able to have secure, cloud-based social collaboration.

Furthermore, Social CRM provides access to different customer relations management solutions from Sugar while keeping the sales department inside their applications for customer management. Additional Social CRM capabilities are easily added through the use of Module Builder, Cloud Connectors and Sugar Studio. Employees and co-workers are empowered with the updated capabilities of social media. Social CRM benefits organizations and drives social businesses.