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SugarCRM’s Fruitful 2011

SugarCRM has been in a progressive state since its inauguration. It gained several accomplishments as its offerings continue to embrace the way a business grows. And 2011, the world’s leading CRM provider has achieved growth in its record billings, illustrating a series of accelerating increase in its sales. This growth is depicted by the continued success of the company in expanding its global presence. SugarCRM has become one of the strong CRMs in the world with more than 1 million CRM users and a hundreds of channel partners.

SugarCRM made a dramatic financial performance in 2011 as a result of the increased adoption of the Sugar software worldwide. This is also attributed to the new product features that enable the advancement of the company into the enterprise market. The growth in SugarCRM’s billing increased by 28 percent in the last quarter of 2011 over the previous quarter. This also rose to 92 percent over the same period in the preceding year in which the cash flow was turned positive. Driven by strong growth in its top-line billings, net cash was also turned positive in the full year 2011.

The company has been strategically poised for ongoing success in the CRM market as it delivers another remarkable year. Increased CRM adoption is driven across industries and markets as the company offers the best solution to its partners, channel network and of course, the clients.

According to industry analyst firm IDC, in the year 2011, the company sales in the global CRM market was 9.2 billion dollars as it welcomed more customers around the globe. The new SugarCRM customers seen in the fourth quarter of 2011 include Radio Mitre, Bankai Group, Tulip Telecom Ltd., Coface Services, Kaut-Bullinger, Hilco Appraisal Services LLC and Powwownow.

The main reason why the number of Sugar Partners is increasing is the strong capability of SugarCRM to help them become more effective and efficient when it comes to tracking customers, allowing them to increase the satisfaction of their customers to the highest level.

Expanding the channel network is the main focus of the Sugar Company. This is driven by the aim of SugarCRM to meet the growing demand for customized CRM solutions. Also, strong results in the fourth quarter were delivered by the company’s investment in channel growth across all regions in which North America showed a dramatic growth. Fourth quarter year-over-year billings growth also reached 124 percent following the opening of SugarCRM’s APAC headquarters in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in the same year.

Of course, the success of the Sugar’s channel partners has been the prime force of the company’s remarkable growth. Moreover, SugarCRM’s received product leadership awards in 2011 following its deliver of two major product releases in the year.

SugarCRM will remain competitive in the CRM market as it continues to improve its offerings to its valued customers and partners.


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Sugar 6 solution: The Power of Sugar

As the world continues to turn with time running so fast, companies and other businesses are seen to have more focus on building strong relationship with their customers. They have been making improvements and enhancements in their products and services in order to get appreciation and satisfaction from their beloved targets.

According to several surveys, customer service tops on the list of customers being surveyed. This is due to the fact the customers want more than what they desire to have and businesses know the need for this.

The most dominant topic in the market is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The CRM software has changed the way businesses treat their customers, clients and prospects. They have been aided on how to track their customers and potential clients. And one leading provider of CRM solutions is SugarCRM. The software from SugarCRM has been helping numerous companies around the globe in the way they do business, most especially when it comes to customer relations and service.

The Sugar company has come with the development of Sugar 6 solution, making it easy to understand and operate a CRM system. With its ease of use, openness and flexibility, Sugar 6 is making the best of what it has. SugarCRM embraces the concept that a CRM system should be easy to understand and flexibility instead of being complicated. This software not only saves time but also boosts productivity, and that is what it is all about. Affordability is what the Sugar software always maintains.

Being flexible is what the Sugar 6 is designed for. Known to be a long time leader in the CRM market globally, SugarCRM has partnered with several companies, one of which is Danmar Computers SRL which is mainly focusing on business software development. It has been centering its attention to getting high satisfaction from its customers, enabling it to increase customer retention levels.

Sugar 6 runs on any cloud service platform and incorporates the services from online social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, making more attractive to businesses that aim to get ahead of the competition when it comes to managing customers. Effective management of customers is the number one priority for businesses. That is why Sugar has made it the vital factor for all of the enhancements it is offering.

You can always have the necessary elements that are beyond the expectation of your business. Sugar has been always there to guide you to the right path for success. The Sugar software is devoted to providing you the best and the ultimate happiness for your business to grow.

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Sugar is for Small Business Too

Business requires perseverance, determination, time management, dedication, faith and love. You will never have a successful business if you do not have these essential elements. The world has been constantly changing and businesses have been making new steps to strengthen the way they communicate with their customers and clients. The advent of new technologies makes it easier for companies to improve their business. However, there are some key points to remember when establishing a small and young business.

A business is never without customer relations management. The customers are the most important factor that businesses need to secure. Without them, do not expect your business to grow or even start. New solutions have emerged in response to the strong demand for customer retention and loyalty. Customer relationship management solutions are developed and intended to help a business strengthen its relationship with customers, prospects and clients. A leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, SugarCRM has come its way to exceed what a company expects from a software that is designed to make customers happy.

Commonly, CRMs are being used by big organizations and profiled businesses. However, things have changed and the CRM market has entered the competition among small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The SugarCRM company made it sure that both large corporations and SMEs are given with the same and equal benefits that its CRM software offers. Many are getting satisfaction from the way the Sugar software works. Not only it gains high recognition from different software companies around the globe, the Sugar software is awarded in different software service categories.

There is nothing that can beat when there is preparation in terms of business competition, and the Sugar software can really help you improve the way you prepare for your business, most especially when it is just young or just starting. You really need to attract your target customers to the products and services that you offer. Sugar is not only a simple software that manages information on your customer transactions. It has also features that are much focused on marketing.

Now that people are much engaged in social networks, Sugar has incorporated commonly used online social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into its capabilities so it would be easy for your growing business to reach the customers you want. And what is more? Sugar is consistently making enhancements and improvements just to make it sure that its sure is always reliable, updated and easy to use.

Never think that only huge organizations are using this software because even SMEs are now incorporating it into their systems. Sugar helps you get bigger gains as it is dedicated to help anyone in business.

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New Updates to Sugar 6.4

The introduction of Sugar 6.4 comes with new enhancements, better features and other dramatic changes.

Now, let’s talk first about the enhancements in Calendar.

Below are the new 6.4.0 Calendar features.

• Item dragging and dropping ability
In Calendar, items can now be dragged and dropped for better utilization.

Quick form creation and editing
Information on any Calendar item can be modified in Quick Edit forms.

• Navigation ability within Calendar through the use of calendar view

With minimized mouse clicks, users can navigate to any date through the calendar view.

Changing ability in the first day of the week in monthly views.

Modifications in month-view of Calendar can be displayed.

• Individual Tasks, Calls and Meetings color codes.
Easy recognition and identification in Calendar.
For the enhancements in Admin.

There is an addition of users and employees modules to Studio that are fully customizable. There are also changes in the option for Edit Fields in which Fields Editor is displayed in tabular form.
Changes in Platform.

Upload directory is now separated from cache directory while javascript files and other generated files are moved to cache directory. The custom directory has become the new home for persistent configuration files such as encrypted data files from cache. Also added are unified application programming interfaces for cache and upload directory.

There have been changes to all web service application programming interfaces with the release of Sugar 6.4. query validation has been improved in an effort to promote better use and help enhance multiple databases. There is also a limitation to the use of subqueries in all web service calls.

CSS Sprites is one of the new additions to CSS used in version 6.4. Intended for boosting web performance, Sprites is able to reduce the number of http requests being made by the browser to the server. Thus, only one request will be made to the server for big images consisting of all other small images, leading to a faster loading of web pages. Also, this has become very beneficial for those who are having slower internet connections as this as less bandwidth consumption.

Moreover, language specification and alt text in HTML headers are included in 508 compliance for much improved parsing of images.

Platform Components for 6.4.x

Supported Browsers

Safari 5.1

Internet Explorer 8.0 and 9.0

FireFox 3.6 stable version

Google/Google Chrome latest version

Supported Applications

Lotus Notes 7.0, 8.0, 8.5

Microsoft Word 2003, 2007

Microsoft Excel 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010

Support Platforms

Windows 3 or later

Mac OS/Linux/Unix



Oracle 10g, 11g

DB2 9.7

MySQL 5.1, 5.5

SQL Server 2005, 2008 R2