SugarCRM CE (Community Edition) is the base framework provided free of charge by SugarCRM.
Being a free open source version still provides the functionality that allows companies to
improve the sales/support processes.

Using SugarCRM CE version users benefit of the following modules:
– Leads
– Contacts
– Accounts
– Opportunities
– Activities (based on)
– Calls
– Meetings
– Tasks
– Emails
– Cases
– Projects
– Project Tasks
– and some many more.

It also allows automatically case creation based on emails received
and also lead creation based on WebToLead connector.

Even if it lacks powerfully modules available only for SugarCRM PRO
this version still provides the basic functionality required by most of small companies.

Being an open source version that benefits by the module loader , lot of other modules
can be installed and also customizations are easy to implement.
So users can have a base framework where they can install third company modules like
reporting,workflow,telephony integration,outlook connector etc..
This way any company may have a
CRM open source to satisfy the highest requirements,
with a very small investment or none.