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SugarCRM Certified Implementation Consultant

SugarCRM Implementation Consultant

Sugar App of the Month – February 2013

Our brilliant group of developers is here to provide an array of solutions.

In the face of our era’s global economic crisis, businesses have been forced into a highly competitive state, requiring companies go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. Adding noteworthy enhancements to the user experience is crucial when running a modern business, especially for medium-sized companies determined to expand and succeed, but need a tool to provide the right edge.

Danmar is using its almost 16 years of experience in the development of software, more than 7 in ERP software, and over 11 years in SugarCRM software to help companies improve their processes, reporting, or database management, while delivering timely, high quality services.


Our History

Established in 2000, Danmar focused mainly on business software development. Being a small company, it centered on providing high satisfaction to clients at high levels. The main areas of interest were ERP systems, therefore Danmar developed its own ERP system based on MySQL database, which was successfully implemented among multiple large companies.

Driven by customer requests, Danmar started developing and implementing CRM solutions in 2005. We began providing solutions based on SugarCRM, wherein we developed over 300 modules for clients across the globe, helping them improve and enhance their existing businesses.

Our Work

Starting in 2005, we took on a high customization project for BMR Barnett McCall BMR/Romania.
 More or less, this was the first large implementation project we completed for SugarCRM, where in addition to standard tasks, we developed an outlook plugin for SugarCRM, a somewhat daunting task at the time.

In 2007, we were already releasing our first free software on Sugarforge.com, and we created our first Google integration with SugarCRM: the calendar was synced between SugarCRM and Google Calendar.

We have been working for years helping improve and develop some of our strategic CRM clients as East Coast Health Insurance, one of the largest insurance brokers in the eastern United States. Here, we work nonstop, improving daily processes to help employees increase productivity and have all data available when they need it. We can claim that we have created an insurance domain-dedicated CRM.

Danmar is also present in the UK through SouthWest ICT, who is a fellow SugarCRM partner. We are developing and solving client issues, and we have developed, in the past few years, add-ons and full integrations such as SugarCRM-Joomla!-KnowledgeTree.

SuperLight is also one of our great partners, for whom we were happy to develop . Through this software, we have solved many tickets, and received and improved existing work flows to enhance activity and response times.

In Belgium, Delta Engineering BVBA http://www.delta-engineering.be/ is using many of our improvements to optimize their processes. We started with a customized version of Google Maps that can be used by agents to schedule their entire trip to one country by time spent in one location and by travel time, and went further with other customizations that help SugarCRM agents improve their job. Additionally, we are testing with a C2C (Click 2 Call) that will help all agents improve their activity, and speed up all call-related processes both inbound and outbound.

In addition to this small sample of our client database, we have had at least another 100 CRM clients using our services for regular implementation steps, such as changing edit/detail/list views or adding/editing fields, as well as more complex issues.

Our Projects

SugarCRM Plugins

In addition to custom development for a variety of private companies, our team also developed SugarCRM plugins being sold to clients as per user license, such as:

• SugarCRM Phone with PowerDialer for TAPI and VOIP

• Google Calendar Integration

• Google Contacts Integration

• Google Documents Integration

• Google Maps Integration

• GoogleAnalytics Integration

• GoogleAlerts Integration

• GoogleGadgets

• Fax / SMS Integration

• SugarCRM PRO Quotes ODT Template

• SugarCRM Portal

• SugarCRM Portal for WordPress

• SugarCRM WordPress Connector

• SugraCRM – WHMCS Integration

• SugarCRM to Hubspot integration

• SugarCRM PrestaShop Connector PRO

• SugarCRM osCommerce Connector PRO

• SugarCRM Magento Sync Connector PRO

• SugarCRM Leads Distribution and Routing

• SugarCRM Google+ Integration

• SugarCRM FreePBX Elastix Trixbox

• SugarCRM Editable ListViews

• SugarCRM – MYOB integration

Our Skills

With great success and long-term experience in business projects, we help our clients improve and optimize numerous business processes and transactions. As a SugarCRM bronze partner and Elastix bronze partner, our primary focus is to refine the response time and reduce the costs of a process while increasing the usability of any software or process, and raising the bar for user satisfaction.

In order to achieve these standards we used open source software such as SugarCRM CE, Elastix, FreePBX, and Asterisk, or “commercial open source software” such as SugarCRM PRO, combined with commercial software including VB, C++, or VFP to promote positive outcomes for businesses and users alike.

Client Testimonials

For nearly 12 years, Danmar has been developing/customizing software for a broad range of companies all over the world. See what business owners we have worked with internationally have to say about our services.

When we first hired Danmar 3 years ago to make some small changes to SugarCRM we were still a tiny company. I found them on SugarCRM community and he had great feedback, plus they had developed most of the plugins on the site. They did such a great job on the customizations that we kept finding more work for them to do, including connecting our phone system Elastix to Sugar, connecting Sharepoint to Sugar, and developing our backup solution. All throughout this time his company was always there 24 hours a day whenever we had an emergency and we have had a few from phone glitches to internet outages. As the years went by we increased our dependence on them and they became our IT support staff, our developers, and our administrative support for operations. Yes, just this year they started handling our administrative operations, which they improved through development and they eventually hired a staff to handle all of our workflow. They have given us the opportunity to focus on growing our company instead of worrying about hiring, development, and administration. Our two companies are completely integrated at this point and I recommend that any company that needs development to start like I did and give Danmar a chance to build out your company.

Jeremy Ehrenthal, East Coast Health Insurance

We have engaged Danmar Computers to provide software development services and technical support for our customised CRM and business system since 2011. In that time, we have found Dan & his team to be very professional, diligent and prompt with all aspects of our business relationship. We couldn’t be happier with their service and I would strongly recommend them to any business that requires professional & friendly service.


The Danmar team is a brilliant group of developers. Professional and always deliver on time. They always exceed our expectations with their quality of work and understanding of user and business requirements. I highly recommend them.

David Lloyd, Lloyd Bros. Pty Ltd

It was an amazing support of the guys at Danmar. They were supportiv, ANYTIME reachable by email or skype, cometent and smart. I strongly recommend their service. They went further than our project specification and did just a terrific job.

Dr. Patrick Seifried, ModusNext.ch GmbH

We had a great communication with Danmar and they were very responsive to change request and client feedback. Extremely customer focused provider and willing to do that bit extra to achieve a great outcome. Great Value!!!

John Borchelt, MAcarbon

Danmar provided THE BEST professionals I worked with and I worked with many already. They not only do the job, but also think of better solutions for the business. What other developers said was impossible, for Danmar was very easy. You can leave them working and know you are in safe hands and everything will be done ON TIME and AT LEAST the quality you expected. Very happy we finally found someone so reliable.

Agata Wieckiewicz, Irolis Rmovals

The Danmar Computers team looks forward to a successful collaboration with your company, applying our wealth of experience and knowledge to improve your site.