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Deep Information on Sugarcrm Version 6.5.x

SugarCRM has continued to upgrade the versions of its Sugar Software and one of the most recent releases is the Sugar 6.5.x. This version is more equipped with new capabilities intended for a great customer experience. Everything is more advanced as the company aims for higher level of customer satisfaction.

The SugarCRM 6.5.x is particularly focused on improving user experience. With that, the new version is designed with a simple and quick search. With a new look, this has also a new navigation that allows users to use the Sugar software more easily. And with more AJAX provided, sub-second screens are ultimately enhanced.

One area that has come with more updates is the Core Module. Functionalities are added to Sugar Logic, Calendar as well as Email Archiving.

Now let us go deep into the platforms that this new version supports.

For the Support Platforms for System Component:

Sugar 6.5.x supports PHP versions 5.3 and 5.2 but it does not cover the versions 5.2.0, 5.2.16, 5.2.7, 5.3.7 or 5.3.5.

Sugar 6.5.x supports Mac OS or Linux or Unix. It covers any platform of these that support PHP from the website

Sugar 6.5.x supports the platform IBM I version running the updated Zend server for this platform.

Sugar 6.5.x. supports Microsoft’s Windows from version 2003 up to the latest version.

For the Supported Databases:

It supports MySQL versions 5.5 and 5.1.
It supports Oracle versions 10g and 11g.
It supports SQL Server versions 2008, 2005 and 2008 P2.
It supports DB2 version LUW 9.7.4 or higher.

For the Supported Applications:

It supports Lotus Notes versions 8.5, 8.0 and 7.0.
It supports Microsoft Outlook versions 2007 and 2010.
It supports Microsoft Excel versions 2007 and 2010.
It supports Microsoft Word versions 2007 and 2010.

For the Support We Servers:

It supports IIS versions 7.5, 7.0 and 6.0.
It supports Apache versions 2.2 and 2.0.
For the support Client Browsers:
It supports Firefox versions 10 and 22.
It supports Google Chrome versions 14.
It supports Safari versions 5.1.
It supports Internet Explorer versions 8.0 and 9.0.

This version has received comments from the CRM community. Provided below are recommendations based on user experience:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Window Server 2008 are found best for the supported platforms.

MySQL versions 5.1 is found exactly fitted to both Linux and Windows Stacks.

SQL Server version 2008 is found best for Windows Stacks.

Oracle version 11g is deemed most beneficial for both Linux and Windows.

Sugar 6.5.x is just one of the versions that the company released to improve its offerings. With the new capabilities of Sugar, customers, partners and users have become well informed on the new ways for improving customer relationship management.


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Wide Range with SugarCRM on IBM

SugarCRM, a growing and leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) systems in the world, makes it sure that its usefulness is not limited to what it can offer. The company is joined with IBM in a global alliance business partnership, which both big companies think a huge contribution to their growth. SugarCRM is always dedicated to make customers always happy with what it is capable of and it is benefiting IBM customers through the enormous advantages provided by an open source CRM solution that it delivers. So anyone who decides to use IBM software and systems is well-assisted by the functionalities of the Sugar software.

SugarCRM is best known for its capability to manage sales leads and project. With strong focused on effective marketing, it continues to provide the best customer support as part of its commitment to strong customer relations and high customer satisfaction.

So what does Sugar have that makes it so attractive to all businesses from different industries?

The CRM software of SugarCRM is flexible, intuitive and most of all, an open source system. Being an open source software, Sugar’s source code is available for free to all CRM community. Making the source code free allows developers to customize the CRM system to meet their business specifications and requirement, and that what makes it awesome. In addition to that, Sugar is a CRM platform that is social, mobile and global. It has been used by a wide range of businesses. Not only its price is competitive, Sugar promotes simplicity, most especially when controlling information in the database. This is particularly best for all IBM customers who want to leverage and expand their investment.

SugarcRM provides a high return on investment solely optimized for IBM and through that, any business can have the opportunity to see an expansion of their IBM investment value as wells as power efficiency, high performance and scalability.

Moreover, Sugar has just expanded its range when it comes to cloud deployment choices following the addition of IBM SmartCloud Enterprise to its offerings. Plus, the Sugar software is integrated with IBM Lotus collaboration software to execute a dramatic impact on social business. Also, the CRM software has become fully equipped with the IBM Lotus Domino, LotusLive and Lotus Notes in order to demonstrate a collaboration and communication platform for customers, staff, partners and prospects.

You could not ask for more with what Sugar has been doing for customer satisfaction. With capabilities of Sugar when talking about customer service, marketing and sales leads, you are rest assured in the right path to choose Sugar for your business growth. Make a wise decision with SugarCRM on IBM.

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SugarCRM Strategic Moves and Integrations

The world’s fast-growing and leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) system has again made a strategic move to expand its capabilities. The company has closed an investment in equity and debt financing worth of 33 million dollars. The move was driven by the increasing adoption of the company’s Sugar solutions. This is also attributed to the fast advancement of SugarCRM into the enterprise market.

The year 2011 was seen with a strong financial performance for SugarCRM, with growing business revenue and escalating level of customer satisfaction. The demand for CRM systems is growing exponentially and companies of different sizes are implementing these solutions to boost their growth and improve their relationship with their customers. The company continues to upgrade its solutions to enable users have the wide range in using its CRM systems. The Sugar software is claimed as one of the widely used systems for customer relationships management around the world.

The investment is one of the strategic moves of SugarCRM. In fact, the company has partnered with several aspiring CRM-related companies to strengthen its stance in the CRM market. It has also demonstrated various integrations that enabled its CRM system to have a wide impact on customer service.

SugarCRM SharePoint Integration

SugarCRM integrated with SharePoint features wherein the Sugar software is allowed to connect to and exchange information with SharePoint. Also, information from SharePoint Lists is readable through Sugar. This integration expands the important enterprise CMS functionalities of SugarCRM. It has been helping various organizations in managing enterprise content and with the help from SharePoint Microsoft product, everything is made easy from Sugar.

SugarCRM Email Integration

Another notable move of SugarCRM is its integration with the IBM Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, YahooMail and GoogleMail. Users are enabled to archive electronic messages to SugarCRM or send them directly from the Sugar software. In addition, users are now allowed to monitor and plan for their activities with the capability of syncing email calendars. Common activities are streamlined by SugarCRM email integration. Not only this move eases communication flow, it also promotes much improved employee-customer communication. And with the email archiving service set by Sugar, the emailing system has a lot to offer to all Sugar Users. For auto archiving and linking, users can forward documents to the address of their Sugar Email Archiving. This way, the loss of file attachments, key emails and calendar events are prevented.

These strategic steps of SugarCRM are best depicted by what the company has achieved. It continuously shows big the impact it has on the growing demand for CRM solutions. With the fast updates that SugarCRM is making, the SugarCRM communities are always waiting for what they perceive as the best for them.


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How SugarCRM Can Help Your Business Grow

Every business has its own plan for growth and many are looking for new ways on how to improve their profit margin. It is a fact that retaining the loyalty and trust of consumers is the ultimate key to success and this is what makes companies to implement strategies to strengthen their ties with their valued customers. Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are widely used today. These business solutions are the main weapon of companies, even large organizations, to improve customer satisfaction.

A leading provider of CRM systems, SugarCRM has been providing the best to businesses. So how this company attracted the attention of the CRM community and the companies around the globe? There are many reasons how this company took the range of the CRM market. Not only this company has helped thousands of businesses to heighten customer satisfaction level, it has also changed the way businesses do their traditional business. For example, a company was able to improve internal communication through the capabilities of the Sugar Software. The software has a number of features that are specifically designed to improve customer service and personnel management. In fact, SugarCRM integrated famed online social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This integration takes part of the aim of the company to evolve business communication at its peak.

Now, how the SugarCRM software can help your business to grow? First, the SugarCRM system is open source. It means that the code of this software is available for free that all CRM communities are given the authority to develop the software based on the needs and interests of their company. Business growth requires strong marketing and the SugarCRM system is focused on helping the Sales Department improve its activities. Some of the features of Sugar that have been proven useful are project management, leads and sales management and Microsoft Outlook integration. There are other features that this system has to offer.

The company has achieved dramatic growth in 2011 and it continues to grow throughout the year as it is committed to improving business and customer satisfaction. The visible proof that the company is improving is the increasing number of its partners from North and Latin America, Europe and Asia. This company continues to provide updates on its CRM system.

The release of Sugar 6 has been a successful introduction to the CRM market and many are happy with what this version has to offer.
Moreover, SugarCRM has been holding several conferences to exhibit what their software is capable of. This effort draws companies of different sizes and from different industries. The company targets every business in an industry. It made sure that its software is applicable to anyone aiming to increase corporate profit, internal and remote management and personnel communication. It believes by enhancing the features of the Sugar software will help them retain the spot as a leading provider of CRM systems worldwide.