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SugarCRM To And From Sharepoint

SugarCRM can connect to Sharepoint lists and exchange data with.

Sugar can read data from Sharepoint Lists and write data to them as well .

Records can be automatically updated in both ways .

SugarCRM read data from /_vti_bin/Lists.asmx?WSDL

Please contact us for more information.

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The Sales Capability of SugarCRM

The ability of sales department to make sales is the main reason why a company achieves growth. The growing need for effective sales and marketing strategies is responded by the increasing popularity of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. A leader in providing CRM software worldwide, SugarCRM knows what is best for the sales department. With the upcoming release of future versions such as SugarCRM 6.6 and SugarCRM 7.0, the Sugar software incorporate online social network sites to increase its marketing and sales functionalities. Not only that. Users are given the power to access their business anywhere and anywhere with the SugarCRM Mobile.

So what are the advantages and benefits that SugarCRM can impart to the objectives of every sales department within the company?

First and foremost, with several effective features, SugarCRM ensures a user-friendly interface. All users are prevented from worrying about the confidentiality of their data as SugarCRM makes it sure that all business information is completely secured. Plus, the levels of productivity are enhanced with reduced downtime and turnover. The CRM system also promotes easy and simple reporting and collaboration to allow the sales team to have valuable insights when it comes to sales growth. Moreover, the software is downloadable for on-premise use or as a Software-as-a-Service.

What is more? The Sugar software is very versatile as it is compatible with PHP, Apache, MySQL and Linux. It is designed to fit to all requirements that any business can have because it comes in different editions: the Sugar Community Edition, Sugar Corporate, Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate.

It is best when it comes to tracking customers since it makes sales and marketing management easier. In fact, the software is intended for easy bug fixing to make sure that all users are well-assisted. With SugarCRM, all processes from content syndication to document and project management are simplified. This shows how user-friendly the Sugar software is.

Sharing of information on all customer activities has become easier among the staff in the sales department. Through sales leads and email marketing campaign management, everything in the sales process would be always smooth for growth. What is another good about it is that data sources are able to be integrated with Sugar to serve organizations of different sizes effectively. Also, external emails can be imported and archived into Sugar, especially when using Import Wizard.

Businesses are not in the position to disappoint or strain their relationship with their customers. Without clients and clients, every business has got to take nothing but ashes and waste. The growing demand for strong customer services is what the SugarCRM software is all about. It is designed to address every issue related to customer relationships management.

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The Upcoming Release of SugarCRM 6.6 and the Best Sugar Enhancements

The new SugarCRM 6.6 delivers new benefits that improve customer interactions and also build
customer brand. This is the first On Demand only release. Also in this new version the changes required
to the marketing collateral are limited
Below we have presented the list of improvements brought by SugarCRM 6.6:
New Customer Support Portal UI & Admin Tools:
– Attractive modern interface
– Logo and color scheme are configurable
– Import of new registered portal users as inside leads
– More options for users, including internalization
– Global search enabled
– List and detailed view options configurable from within Sugar
PDF Template Editor
– WYSIWYG editor
– Create PDFs system wide (not just quotes)
– Assign PDF templates to teams
Changes to the creation of Meetings and Call Records
– Creation of recurring meetings from modules
– Enable search for contact and lead invitees by account
Global Search Full System Indexing notifications
– Admins are notified when complete
Spell Check available in TinyMCE Editor
– Applies to creation of all HTML messages and templates
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: Benefits and Advantages

The Customer relationship management (CRM) system is the trending solution used by businesses across the globe for increasing the satisfaction level of customers and clients. These business solutions are designed to help companies of all sizes to effectively interact with their clients. They are also intended to enhance all business processes and transactions to speed up the flow. In fact, the CRM software market has been achieving dramatic growth since its emergence. Many have tried and almost all are satisfied of what a CRM software can bring to them.

The name itself, customer relationship management system is a system integrated by a company into its business to strengthen their interaction and communication with customers and clients. Businesses are becoming aware of the importance of having a strong customer relationship. This is due to the fact the businesses are useless if there are no customers or clients. You can barely imagine how a business could live longer if it has a strained relationship with its customers. That is why companies are diving into the market to get the best software that fits their specifications.

CRM systems are created for all industries. They do not select a specific type of business line as it is applicable to all. Whether you are in an industry for health care, steel, mobile phone, business process outsourcing or electronic devices, you can always gain what benefits and advantages that a CRM system can offer.

The number of the providers of CRM solutions has been growing also. This is in response to the growing demand for CRM solutions for business growth. In fact, CRM providers, such as SugarCRM, have been making steps on how to improve the functionalities and capabilities of their products. SugarCRM has been a leader in providing the best and effective CRM solutions in the world. It has partnered with several related companies to strengthen its presence worldwide. Besides, it has received several awards that depict how effective and efficient its products are. The company is growing and continues to provide products and services that meet the interest and demands of its valued customers and prospects.

It is very obvious that the main goal of a CRM system is to enhance the communication and relationship between an employer and its customers. However, there are areas in which a CRM system can play a major role. Personnel management and coordination is the one aspect that business esshould consider. A CRM system would be useless unless it is used effectively by the users. That is why CRM solutions are made to ease the tasks of the staff. Through the CRM software, employees are able to communicate effectively with each other. Also, managers and supervisors can monitor the activities of their staff to determinate their efficiency and effectiveness.

Moreover, business-to-business transactions are well-benefited by the CRM software. It is not only designed to improve the communication with customers and within the business for it is also aimed to enhance the ties of a business with other friend or related businesses. Thus, it allows strong friendship while ensuring improved personnel management and customer relationship.

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How Good SugarCRM Open Source Is

SugarCRM created an architecture where users of its Sugar Software across the globe can help in building a product that is more useful and of a higher quality. SugarCRM is focused on maintaining a high standard approach towards creating a great relationship with its valued customers and prospect clients. The company embraces the open source model to allow the availability of its product to all users. It thinks that this way would be the best way to attract more consumers from different industries.

SugarCRM makes open source CRM offerings to incorporate every possible type of feature that customer relationship management solutions can have. It allows users in a wide range of business industries contribute to what it takes to be the best software in the world. Because SugarCRM software is open source, users are able to customize easily because the availability of the source code to developers is free. This is particularly in demand to business enterprises of different sizes to make a customer relationship management tool that meets their specifications and interests. Also, users can rapidly make bug fixes and updates with what the open source CRM offers. Free support data for the system is offered since the SugarCRM software is support by a great user base and a bunch of online user communities. This method allows people to interact to solve problems in a much easier and comfortable way.

When it comes to cost efficiency, SugarCRM will never leave a hole in your pocket as it continues to offer products and services at available cost, even free for its free version. It opposes to vendor lock-in style in which upgrades are forced as well as licensing concerns. SugarCRM abolishes all possible artificial restrictions that vendors impose to place customers and all users in control. Because it is open source, it is rest assured that it meets all the needs and demands of its customers. As the demand for professional open source software continues to grow, businesses are using it not only for strengthening customer relations, but also for marketing purposes.
Based on PHP language, SugarCRM is very easy to learn and adapt. Its position as the leading provider of Open Source CRM system has attracted several companies aiming to be its partners. In fact, it has been in a partnership with businesses from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

Open source promotes innovations and supports the aim of every user to have the best experience that they should have. Customers are allowed to take control of their future by having the full access to the source code of Sugar. They are authorized to run Sugar products anywhere and anytime, making Sugar to be the widely adapted CRM system in the world. The company believes that by providing open source capabilities, customers would be happy to go beyond what they expect.

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The Advantages When VoIP is Integrated into a CRM System

Now that technology continues to change how companies do business, businesspeople are becoming more focused on improving customer relationship management. As customers become the main factor in business planning, businesses tend to apply customer relationship management (CRM) systems to their strategic moves. This is because of their belief that a strong customer relationship means company growth and longevity.

Voice communications have been a major part in all business processes and voice-over-IP (VoIP) seems to have the biggest role in the way a business goes. In today’s generation, companies are integrating their CRM systems with VoIP because of the several benefits and advantages.

Improved Business Efficiency

A company that integrates a VoIP system into its CRM system is capable of enhancing the automation processes in all of its transactions. It is likely to minimize all the hassle that might be encountered along the way, and not only does it make efficient moves, but this combination also helps all personnel to speed up the tasks they are doing. This is a good factor when trying to maintain a good time management.

Strong Customer Relationship Management

Once a VoIP system is integrated into a CRM system, information on call recordings and call logs are rest assured to be ensured. Collecting this information would be a great help for all employees most especially when communicating and interacting with customers. Of course, you do not want to get your customers angry or disappointed with how your business communicates with them. Also, getting information on calls logs and recordings would allow the sale department to track all the conversations they made with customers. This would let them identify the shortcomings and mistakes that should be improved. Doing this step would surely a best step to solidify the relationship of your company with its valued customers as well as with prospects.

Enhanced Activity Level Management in the Sales Department

The integration of VoIP system into a CRM system allows sales executives to improvement their visibility into the moves of the sales personnel. A manager in the sales management can look into the call logs generated by the system to oversee all the activity levels. The qualify of service and messaging is ensured at the higher level because sales managers can manage and are given with access to call recording information. This would allow them to recognize those employees who are doing their jobs unprofessionally. It would not also help in imposing disciplinary actions to stubborn sales staff but also it encourages sales technique coaching. Eventually, this would minimize the turnover that a sales person can commit while doing the sales job.

Better Management of Sales Personnel in Remote Areas

Deploying workers to remote areas such as home or other virtual environment has been a common strategy that most companies use. This is because of the huge cost that they could cut if they use this approach. A CRM system with a VoIP system can help companies overcome the main issues when it comes to this approach. They can manage and improve the productivity of these employees while ensuring that the level of their effectiveness is at highest level.

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SugarCRM as a Platform for Project Management

SugarCRM is one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) providers in the world that offers customer-orient products and services intended to strengthen the relationship of a business with its customers. The Sugar Software is designed to fit all the requirements in companies of different sizes. It was created with the capability to easily adapt to any business environment by providing all necessary business applications that are cost-effective and flexibility.

With the increasing business planning moves, companies tend to use SugarCRM for their project management purposes, and there are several reasons why SugarCRM is best used as a platform for project management. SugarCRM can provide project teams with an infrastructure of functionality whose range is as wide as your mind can imagine. It assists the plans for project management by promoting quicker and efficient results in any business scenario.

The open source architecture of SugarCRM allows the management of a business project to have easy approach and good end results. Not only does it assist business processes for creating and monitoring a profitable and strong relationships across all organizational departments, it also help those big people in the sale departments to effectively oversea all activities of the sales and project team. And when it comes to project management, SugarCRM promotes high productivity and time efficiency. Not only that. SugarCRM is also capable of ensuring smooth business transactions by providing easy access to all necessary information needed in order for the company to grow.

Using SugarCRM is very beneficial for project teams. Not only it offers more than 40 applications for integration purposes, it also encourages cost effectiveness in remote areas. Though the company charges for support and customization, it has no licensing or buying charges, making it very affordable to all businesses, especially those in the small and mid-sized category. SugarCRM makes it sure that all of its tools are easy to use, web-based and intuitive, and because it is an open source, it can run through several cloud platforms. You do not have to worry of how your customization goes since SugarCRM has domain experts to assist you in every thing you do.

Project management could be much easier with SugarCRM. It ensures the centralization of all company communications while improving the coordination among the project staff. It is really a best platform for any business engaging in a project management. When it comes to communication, there is nothing you can say about what SugarCRM is capable of. Communication is the very vital factor when it comes to project management. Without good communication, everything might fall into pieces because of the tendency that all people in the project are not communicating well. This would lead to lack of cooperation and thus failure of the project to be accomplished. With Microsoft Outlook, SugarCRM mixes calendar data with email information to make sure that everything goes well in the right process.

Furthermore, SugarCRM is not only good when it comes to better project managament, but also in helping the sales people achieve all new business opportunities. With great power comes with great responsibility, and SugarCRM would be always there to power you in any responsibility you have.


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Sugar 6.5: The New Features, Improvements and Enhancements

SugarCRM has been a leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution provider making dramatic changes to its products and services for continued high level customer satisfaction and loyalty. Its Sugar Development versions are never been in a cease period as it continuously makes updates. Now the Sugar company plans to release the new Sugar 6.5 version with improvements and enhancements that users should not miss.

The new enhancements, features and capabilities are set in Calendar, CRM solutionsUser Interface, Email Archive, Sugar Logic and Sugar Mobile Plus. These changes are designed to meet beyond what users would like to have and think. These would ensure that the Sugar software is at the highest level when it comes to providing the best. The Sugar company is proud of what improvements it has made to its CRM solutions. In fact, it consistently delivers the things that its customers want. It is committed to attracting more customers aiming to have high satisfaction from the Sugar software which has been absorbed by most of the companies around the globe.

Major Changes

A navigation bar was created to provide what three numbers can offer. The Module Tabs, Quick Creation Button and User Actions were intended to be mixed into a single button. This depicts one of the major
changes that can be seen in Sugar 6.5.

In Detail Views and List Views, the Actions menu options were broken down for ordered view across the Sugar software. This just made the user experience a cool and happy one. There is no more you could ask for with this change. In different area, integrated applications and the Sugar Logo are displayed by a novel footer. Nothing could take away the best experience with this new change.

The Calendar has just faced an overhaul of what it used to be an ordinary one. Through the use of Quick Creation option, users are given the ability to make recurring Calls and Meetings which can also be synced. Users can just drag the mouse to change the duration of a Call and a Meeting, which is designed to have an end date on it. New Leads and Contacts are just best to receive meeting invitations. Users can email to remind of a meeting.

Based on the formula kind, there is a filtering of displayed fields in which during the creation of module formula, the display of related module fields is shown.

Based on the number of cases, users are aid through the association of Emails to cases. And in the archive email module folders lies all emails that are already archived. With URL instance alters, there is an update on the service for archiving emails. On the other hand, the removal of related sub-panel for contacts is done.

Sugar has enabled the lightweight directory access protocol single sign-on with device licensing being enhanced for better use. And in just a mono search, the use of multiple keywords is ultimate allowed for the users while enabling an initial load that is made automatic. Moreover, the uptime for sync service is improved in way that users can assure of continuous stability.

The new Sugar 6.5 is set to embrace the line of business and users would be very happy with what changes it has on the way customers live.

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SugarCRM 6.4 Bug – Module Loader stops loading after first module install

If in SugarCRM 6.4 after first trying to install a module with the
module loader, if the whole “Module Loader” stops working
and shows a incomplete page, then try this bug fix:
* look in the following file

* find this line :

$target_manifest = remove_file_extension( $upgrade_content ) . ‘-manifest.php’;
* and just below it add these new ones:

//danmar bugfix

Also, if you need help with these lines, please feel free to contact us here
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The Growing Range of Sugar

The competition in business is so tight that only few could make close to the audience. Every industry has companies that are very competitive in terms of customer management. There is no doubt that proper handling of customers is the secret behind the success of a company. Everyone knows what good customer management is and business ideas have popped out from their brains to help the business grow.

CRM solutions

Handling customers is not that easy like you think, especially for those who just started their business. Building a brand image requires every aspect in the line of customer management in order to last eternally. If you really want to retain the trust of your customers, then you must be a good manager for customer transactions. One way of helping achieve this is to go for customer management relationship (CRM) solutions. Known as one of the leading competitor in the CRM market, SugarCRM has what you want. The Sugar software is developed to provide ease in terms of customer service and management. It is devoted to helping customers find satisfaction in a company where they put their trust on. Good customer management depends on the people interacting with the customers. Of course, there are several factors that you need to consider to strengthen the loyalty of the customers. One of the most important things you need to do is to provide customers with the solution that really meets their interests and demands, and the Sugar Software incorporates everything from marketing to all business processes to ensure that customers are made happy by what the company or users are doing.

The Sugar software has features designed for better use with no complexity attached. The features include project and reports management, sales and leads tracking and opportunity management. Everything is made simple for you to be able to have greater convenience. In fact, the Sugar company has partnered with several CRM-related companies around the world to expand what it is capable of. Also, SugarCRM is continuously making updates on its CRM solutions to keep customers and partners updated. This will allow customers to have strong focus, thus strengthening their loyalty for the CRM software.

The Sugar software has a free version and paid version. It is made open source so that everyone can enjoy. Of course, its paid version has expanded functionalities intended to fully make the best for your business. More and more are embracing the services of the Sugar company. Reportedly, the number of the customers of SugarCRM is increasing and there is no way to tell what number it could take to make it the number one CRM provider in the global CRM market. Besides, the company is always aiming to be the best of the bests and is solely dedicated to increase customer satisfaction beyond your expectation.

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SugarCRM Proves a Great Competitor in the CRM Market

Business is life and people are making ways just to get into the world where money grows. An individual who operates a business knows what should be needed in order to be successful. New electronic devices continue to dominate the life of businesspeople and so does the computer software.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the key to the growth of a business. Try to forget the importance of CRM and you will find your business in the dark. A business should always be equipped not only with the key people, but also with the perfect techniques. And CRM software is just what it needs to boost business image. SugarCRM has been one of the strong contenders in the CRM market. It is a provider of customers relationship management solutions intended to help business grow. With several partners across the globe, SugarCRM has received numerous awards that proved its strong existence in the CRM market.

The Sugar Development covers significant business processes designed to make the best for a company. These processes include customer service management, sales management, team work, marketing activity control, Analytical records and administration and settings. Extensibility has been the greatest strength of Sugar. As it develops modules in addressing diverse needs of every business, it continues to devote itself to social media, integrations and customizations for better use.

SugarCRM is a leader when it comes to CRM. The company expands its range globally by offering new products and services to its customers and partners. Many describe SugarCRM as a vital factor for the success of their business and the Sugar software never fails to show what it got. Every company requires something that is suitable to its business planning and Sugar is always dedicated to meet every requirement that a company needs.

Moreover, the Sugar CRM software was created to provide flexibility to every user, making it very easy to handle all business transactions. When it comes to marketing, Sugar is no doubt a competitor in marketing all the aspects in the field. Not only does the software provides easy to all teams across business departments, it also helps all staff to cooperate and coordinate to achieve all business objectives. In addition, SugarCRM is committed to increase customer retention to the highest level. Of course, the loyalty of every customer is what makes it strong and long lasting. Every satisfaction it gets from its customers makes it grow to the point that it demonstrates eagerness to show something new. With new business ideas along with the help of new technologies, SugarCRM is strengthened by its commitment to grow internationally while allowing every business to embrace what it is capable of showing in the CRM market.