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New Sync Between SugarCRM and osCommerce Released

Danmar Computers has released a sync the open source customer relationship management software SugarCRM and osCommerce, an online store management software program.

Open source Commerce or osCommerce is a free online shop program that features shopping carts, order history, secured transactions, product reviews and lists of bestsellers. Because of its large support community, this program is very easy to use and highly suitable for all kinds of stores. It enables products catalogs to be searched and browsed, proving to be very effective when it comes to selling.

Danmar Computers creates this new application wherein information introduced on store sites could be transferred to SugarCRM. It means that customers can now be synced with SugarCRM as a new lead through this module. All leads created in SugarCRM are converted into an account and a contact once customers check out in the store.
All customers registered in the online store sites are now able to make an account for either purchasing items or just subscription to newsletter offerings.

This new application created by Danmar Computers allows easy access from osCommerce to the in-demand SugarCRM software, which has been used by a wide range of businesses all over the world. This also allows all users to maximize the benefits of the online store management program and the open source CRM with regards to convenient, efficient and effective customer service.

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Sync Connects Magento to SugarCRM

Open-source customer relationship management software SugarCRM has proven to be more powerful as it can now incorporated Magento into its services and offerings.

Launched on March 31, 2008 as an open source e-commerce web application, Magento is widely used by online retailers with over 150,000 websites using it. Such sites range from smaller e-commerce sites to multinational businesses such as Samsung.

A sync has been created between SugarCRM and the open source e-commerce system Magento wherein information on online store websites could be transferred into SugarCRM. The new application allows Magento-registered customer to be synced with SugarCRm as a new lead. The lead created in SugarCRM following the completion of the customer’s checkout in the online store will be converted into an account and a contact with information on address and phone numbers from the form filled up in the checkout.

In addition, a lead will be automatically created for each customer and that will be converted into which all products being ordered will be added.

An account can be created by a new customer on the online store website for purchasing items or for subscription to newsletters. All data entered in the registration from will be transferred to the SugarCRM which will then create a lead.

All leads created will be updated with the new information from Magento, leading to the creation of an Account, Contact and Opportunity.

Magento uses object-oriented programming (OOP) and EAV model, allowing it to be much more versatile compared with other e-commerce platforms when it comes to storage of large range of data.
Magento is also made by its features adaptable that allows multiple themes to run on one set of layout commands and even similar database.

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Things to Do and Avoid When Dealing With CRM

CRM or Customer Relation Management is a globally enforced model for handling and managing a company’s transactions with its clients, costumers and for prospecting sales. It basically uses technology to make things easier. It prepares, automates and synchronizes some business processes.

Costumer Relation Management aims to find, allure and get new clients, as well as to make current client stay and win back old clients. And success in this is not that simple. You need some strategies and the right information in order to excel.

These are some Do’s that you can follow for a successful CRM:

You should Allocate

You should try to apportion internal resources. Make time for your CRM Project. Also, see to it that you do it with your partner. He can advise you on the time that is required by the certain project.

Review the system regularly

You will need to check on your system on a regular basis. As everything changes, so does your business and your CRM system. So be sure to review its functionality. A good CRM system is SugarCRM, which has been used by businesses of all sizes. Its features cover a wide range of aspects, making it to be one of the leading CRM providers around the globe.
Choose the perfect business partner
Take a huge amount of time to decide on a partner. See to it that they are good at what they do. You can try to research their references, technical accreditation and some of their case studies. Lastly, you should make sure that you are compatible with each other.

Here are some of the things that you should avoid your way to CRM success:

Do not barge in

You should not pick a CRM software solution with just one look. You will need to study it real hard. You will need to know the things that you really need and the feature of that particular software solution. Measure its pros and cons and decide if it is right for you.

Never forget to update

Do not forget to modify or update all your documentations, processes and procedure to let your clients and customers know the alterations, updates and changes.
Do not stop communicating

Communicate! Communicate! Wherever you go, communication is very important, especially in the business field. Without communication, small problems can turn into chaos. This is the most common stumbling block in the success of CRM. People forget to communicate. A simple conversation between the IT, end users and project manager is of great help when aiming for success.

The world of CRM or Costumer Relation Management is very simple. But these simple things are oftentimes taken for granted, which apparently leads into greater problems. So to avoid conflicts and down falls in your CRM Business, follow these simple steps above and you will be on your way to a bright and successful world of CRM.

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CRM and BPO Industry

The BPO industry has undoubtedly gained one of the spots for the most improved industries in the world. With a variety of processes being outsourced, business functions and job responsibilities, the use of CRM solutions has proven useful to these booming companies. Leading CRM systems like SugarCRM never fail to impress how capable they are of making a big change in wide aspects. This is transparent in the area of sales where businesses start to grow and expand.

Many and many have gained jobs and continued to benefit from the increasing employment rate boosted by the BPO industry, and this growth is backed by the unrecognized help from CRM systems with which BPO companies use to strengthen their stand against the challenges that the economy may bring in. Few may seem to wonder why CRM systems play a big role in this trend but for experts, they make a big impact on business financial side.

One of the proven powerful CRM systems across the world is SugarCRM. With its increasing number of partners, SugarCRM has helped businesses regardless of size and industry. The features and capabilities that it showcases established solidarity in the way SugarCRM is viewed by corporate and medium-sized companies. The SugarCRM company knows what businesses need nowadays amidst the shaking economy from region to region and it continues to change the mindset of corporate individuals that financial woes can be resolved through marketing and sales processes.

From traditional marketing to social media aspects, SugarCRM has successfully incorporated these features into a powerful tool to improve the financial background of a company to achieve one aim: to help its clients and customers boost sales and marketing strategies.

Recent reports showed the booming stand of BPO industry worldwide. Not only does the industry assist many aspiring individuals to get the job they want to have, it also helps CRM systems get recognition from the international community. There is no wonder why business leaders continue to rely on the capabilities and features that CRM systems can offer to them.

Sales and marketing strategies are the main focus in using CRM systems like SugarCRM towards drawing potential clients and retaining existing customers. And because business is all about money, CRM solutions concentrate on getting businesses into the area where they can benefit from CRM features to get more sales and clients. What is more is that CRM solutions not only offer greater sales but also solid teamwork among employees.

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SugarCRM Workflow

The importance of workflow in any business is immeasurable, given that it is a requirement. Workflow always exists and should exist in a company or an organization. It promotes transparency within a business. This allows the visibility of every development or progress in work being done. With SugarCRM, you can convert every process operated manually in a business to an automated workflow. SugarCRM has been always devoted to providing business solutions that aim to empower within or outside business aspects.

The Role of Workflow

Workflow is the movement of files and documents within a business or an organization whether internal or external. It is used to maintain and control the flow of data and information and to ensure smooth business operations. Without setting up a workflow, conflicts and misunderstandings are expected to arise since the flow of information is not updated or perhaps unknown. Workflow is nothing more than capturing information, managing that data and distributing to respective areas or personnel. Moreover, maintaining progressive workflow means ensuring the security of confidential and important documents. In fact, workflow is very much needed nowadays since document processing is already done electronically.

Why and When Workflow Should Be Used

• Standardizing all the processes across departments within a business or organization.

• Creating customized processes required by the company.

• Distinguishing threats, actions and solutions for follow-through assurance.

The Impact of Workflow on Quality

Analyzing workflow only has one aim, and that is to achieve improved efficiency. It promotes the increasing importance of minimizing slack time in response to incentives and financial constraints. Workflow analysis often results in the redesigning of existing processes to allow the entry of better processes and operations. Thus, quality is the ultimate emphasis that navigates irrelevant transactions and barriers for the betterment of an organization.

How SugarCRM Maximize the Use of Workflow

With its solid understanding of practical business needs, SugarCRM always emphasizes on the delivery of good business and customer service. Authorized users are only allowed to access business information that can be critical or crucial once disclosed unknowingly. With its use of technology to streamline processes, SugarCRM allows businesses and organizations to maximize its capability to maintain a smooth flow of operations and fluent delivery of facts and details from one person to another.

Since SugarCRM promotes solid relationship between a business and its customers, quality and efficiency are always assured to the best of the capability in customer relationship management.

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2012 Trends in the CRM Industry

The customer relationship management (CRM) industry has gone through a lot of changes. Dating back to early days, CRM measures were considered ineffective and failing when it comes to customer service. Maybe because of an inaccurate supply of data and irrelevant strategies implemented for the belief that customer preferences will be secured. But that is in the distant past, since new developments have emerged to better the image of what CRM has to offer. In fact, more and more providers of CRM solutions entered the market and have proven useful to customer-facing companies and organizations.

Ever since CRM first appeared, businesses have been looking for the most effective way for making their customers happy and satisfied with their products and services, and CRM saw a lot of changes before it evolved into a vital part of the business planning process. The financial crises which started in 2008 will never be forgotten, as the world’s most trusted CRM providers such as SugarCRM grow bigger and bolder. It might be worthy to understand how such crises affected the CRM industry and to know the new developments in the industry.
Here, we will look at some of the notable trends for the year 2012.

Better Customer Experience

Customers will never be content with what they can have unless the services they receive are enough to make them satisfied. Every customer has his own preferences and in time they may become more demanding. In response to this, CRM providers have created a wide variety of options that all customers can choose from. The industry has decided to embrace an infrastructure wherein smart communication and knowledge sharing are integrated for better customer experience. Traditional customer services are slowly faded away by the advent of online and mobile CRM solutions, which are now preferred by many, most especially those who often have no time to go offline.

Increasing Use of Social Media

With more and more people getting online, there’s no doubt that the online community is becoming modern world of the new era. Finance for social media marketing is increased because of the fact that internet users are potential customers. Efforts of companies vary and they include supporting search engine optimization through the use of social activities. Online marketing has proven useful when it comes to CRM solutions. The integration of famous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin dramatically increased the chances of marketing to potential customers.

Enhanced Customer Insight

Customers are where the income of a business lies. It is amazing to know that the solution to maximize customer service also comes from customers. This is achieved through better understanding of customer preferences. This information is gathered by companies for their business analysis. With that, businesses can easily come up with better strategy on how to keep customer satisfaction high.

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Important Trends in the CRM Industry

SugarCRM continues with its interests in capitalizing on the deployment of technology solutions to provide and enhance customer-facing business solutions and processes.
Perhaps the main challenge that CRM providers across the globe are focusing on is the elimination of the view that CRM is only technology, as well as the incorporation into business goals and strategies with regards to marketing and business modeling.
Here are some important trends in the CRM industry that are worth reading.

Customer relationship management becomes business strategy. Companies and organizations of all sizes have been defining customer experience strategies on their own. Now that CRM is included in their budget decision and priority list, there is no wonder that it is becoming a business discipline that is solely intended to enhance customer service.

CRM covers branding. Customer experience is undoubtedly the main priority of every business that exists. Thus, branding relies heavily on how the company improves customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Also, brand image is formed by the trust that each customer has in company products and services.

Customer interactions are made possible through CRM solution integration. It has been anticipated that a group of industries will use different technologies in the aim of forming an advanced customer experience solution intended to boost customer interaction and communication. Currently, organizations and companies from different sectors are improving and enhancing what they are capable of, strengthening their ability to demonstrate enormous commitment to customer services and experience.

Poor customer services are being improved to provide more customer satisfaction. More businesses are concentrating on how business-customer communication can be smoothened without being tamed. Customer interaction processes are continued to be fragmented following the increased attention from organizations relating to the inefficiency, accidents and disconnection.

Workers facing customers get help from mobile applications. Traditionally, organizations are investing in natural CRM solutions on the web. But the time has changed and the advent of mobile CRM solutions has changed the world of CRM into a more dynamic and customer-centered process. Not only that, smartphones, iPhones, iPads and Tablets have contributed to the increasing need for mobile customer experience solution.

Social media is used for business strategy. Online social networking sites are no wonder the best medium of communication on the web. Given that millions of people are going social online, web social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked have proven very powerful when it comes to connecting business and customers into one communication process.

A new cultural change has occurred. The way businesses do business is changed by how CRM solutions improve their services to customers. By providing better understanding of the impact of customer decisions, CRM solutions are proven a necessity to each business that appears around the globe.

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SugarCRM Proves A Leader Continuously

SugarCRM continuously proves itself a leader in providing solutions for customer relationship management. The awards and acknowledgement it received from all over the world only depict how effective and efficient it is when it comes to ensuring client satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Why Sugar

SugarCRM combines technology, process and people to ensure that users maximize the opportunities they have. It is very easy to use as a platform for customer relationship management as it emphasizes helping every company in communicating with prospects, sharing sale leads and closing business deals. With all this, there is no wonder why SugarCRM is being used by thousands of successful companies to manage marketing, support and profits.

No Boundaries

It is an open-source solution that is also based on the web, making it customizable and adaptable to the changing needs of your business. Over 850,000 users in 30 countries place their full trust in what SugarCRM has to offer. Able to run on site or in the cloud, SugarCRM makes it ideal for start-up businesses, medium-sized firms or even government agencies or organizations. It chooses no business type or field line. Whether you belong to education, financial services, manufacturing, media, shipping, real estate or telecommunications, as long as it is applicable, it can offer great benefits and advantages for users.


CRM is always made simple. In fact, you can test this product for FREE. You can visit the site for more details. The site offers a complimentary 7 Day Trial to allow you to test drive SugarCRM with preloaded test users/data. This trial gives you the chance to see how information is presented by Sugar without doing a lot of efforts by showing you enough demonstration data and pre-existing personas. It also represents how support, marketing and sales management are associated with CRM. What is more is that you can use your own personal computer or mobile phone to access this free trial. But you have to make sure that you bookmark the unique URL that will be given so you can have your own access.

What’s More

SugarCRM has robust capabilities for mobile use. In fact, it can run on Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. With the rampant use of social networking sites, it integrates Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin into the services that it offers.
Moreover, this CRM solution does not limit itself to customer service. It is designed for team collaboration as well. A variety of collaboration features that range from GoogleDocs, LotusLive, GoToMeeting to WebEx are also available.

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Getting to Know Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

When you have a business that deals with a lot of clients and you do not know how to organize them, it is time to get Customer Relationship Management Software. It is the solution to your problem, for this allows you to organize costumer relations. It might be between you and the company, business or your client. It also includes maintaining your current costumer. But before you go and grab one, know CRM a little bit better.

For further information about Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM):

Advantages of CRM

CRM software can store and organize the information of your costumers (this includes phone numbers, addresses, previous calls and perfect times to call them) to your computer or your database. Another thing is professional service. This service will fit into your budget needs and as well as your access requirement needs. Thus, you will be in good shape to cater to the needs of your beloved costumers professionally.

Available widely, CRM software also gives you freedom to mobilize your workforces. It is possible because of the delivery method which is through online, desktop or mobile access. A reliable CRM software, SugarCRM has been continuously providing the best CRM solutions to every business in the world.

How to Choose CRM

You should take into consideration the problems you have at hand and the solution that you would want to have. You know that CRM software is available and it is the solution to your problem. There are a lot of kinds of CRM that are available in the market today. So how are you going to choose yours?

You should determine the needs of you business when it comes to CRM. Create a list of your needs and rank them according to importance. After you have created your list, look for the CRM software that would cater to your needs. You can go to the internet and do your research. Take note, some CRMs are designed for large industries and some are for smaller ones. So if you have a small business, choose the one that would perfectly fit your business needs. When done choosing, you can ask for a demonstration of the program that you are going to buy. Make sure you are satisfied with the product before purchasing it.

To assure professional services and quality, you can focus your attention on SugarCRM. Not only does it cover services from project management to sales prospects assurance to personnel management, it is also an open-source that makes it available for use without paying any.

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The Benefits that SugarCRM Provides to Both Businesses and Customers

The best thing about SugarCRM is that it allows businesses to recognize their best customers and potential clients. Realizing that empowers you to concentrate more on your marketing and sales accurately while retaining the loyalty that each of your clients has. There is no doubt that this open source software is designed to strengthen customer relationship management by improving the services and products being offered. But SugarCRM does not limit itself to improving customer service. The features that it has also include efficient team collaboration and effective marketing strategies.

Helps Customers Feel Being Valued

The main goal of the software is to value every customer that a business can have by letting them feel they are close to the organization. With Sugar, relationships with business partners are boosted so that that each party brings solidarity and good communication. You can integrate this CRM solution to outside parties which you think have the best measures in tracking customer retention as well as business performance. More than that, it is very surprising to discover that SugarCRM simplifies tasks and control business complexities by making procedures easy and manageable. With the use of this powerful CRM system, streamlining of workflow processes is never impossible.

Provides Thorough Training for New Users

Using this open source software is made easy. In fact, appropriate procedures and training can be provided by service providers and other SugarCRM partners to help users effectively understand the way it should be utilized for customer relationship management. Plus, service providers can offer you insights on how to determine the decision making and preferences of customers. With integrated business processes, the delivery of a seamless and unforgettable customer experience is assured. One of the aspects that SugarCRM guarantees is that all concerns, complaints and inquiries are immediately addressed once they are raised. There is no way for this CRM solution provider to neglect what its users need to get satisfaction from the services it provides.

Boosts User Adoption

Collaboration across departments and partners is left undisturbed by any possible challenges that a business may encounter. With its ability to boost user adoption, sales personnel are always in good communication with updated data on the workflow processes. Moreover, integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is made very easy for the management team to initiate business planning and objectives.
The deep capabilities of SugarCRM to promote business and customer growth make it a leading provider of customer relationship management solutions in the world. With Sugar, all business requirements are always fulfilled.

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SugarCRM AjaxUI Boosts Performance

There is a new method for loading pages using AJAX user interface (UI) following the introduction of SugarCRM version 6.3. It loads html contents instead of making a full page refresh. Below are some major advantages that this method has to offer on SugarCRM performance.

Server load is reduced

There is no need for the server to deliver the footer, header, or examine style files, and standard javascript for each request.

Full rebuilding of the Dom tree is not necessarily required

The center area of the content is set to be modified instead of destroying or rebuilding the whole Dom.

Script files are not longer required to be parsed

Generally, the loading of pages requires the browser to parse all of the scrip files and reload into the memory even though there is a caching of javascript files. Performance is boosted when the javascript to the current page is parsed. This is evident in machines having slow CPU speeds but showing fast internet connection.

The number of request per page is minimized

There are no more problems encountered during the configuration of a web server to set cache timeouts that are very large. The image, javascript and style files for request are only loaded by the client once. A request is never made again unless there are new updates in SugarCRM. Unfortunately, a request to the server is still needed by the client because of several non-configured web servers. But with the new Ajax UI, these script files can stay in the memory until the browser is closed by the user even if configuration of the cache expire is not made. This can make the load time of a web page to a single request that takes under a second.


The addition of AjaxUI also brought some adverse impacts in terms of customizations.

• The custom javascript that uses document.write can replace the current web content due to the fully loaded Dome tree when the web page is rendered.

• Because of the loaded web page before the insertion of the main web content, onLoad can no longer be trusted.

• The order of scrip block execution is a major javascript issue.

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The Relevance of Open Source To Your Business

The trends in technology will never end as developers and inventors can always find new things that people can benefit from. Technological innovations are everywhere and internet users are used to testing technology for their personal needs. Technology companies are exerting efforts to boost these trends and extend their exposure.

You might be one of the people who are following such trends. But have you very been thinking of open source? Perhaps, not because its importance is often overshadowed by what the technology can offer.

The common trends in technology are mobile communication systems, Big Data, social media and cloud. Did you know that all of them are using open source? This is what makes open source more relevant than ever.

Open Source Powers Mobile

Our lives have been changed by mobile phones and tablets. A smartphone uses open source to link you to the people you want to connect with. You would not dare to imagine what life would look like nowadays without phones. If you have been using smartphones, then there is no need to explain how important they are to your life. Similarly, open source is very important in order to make a smartphone a useful device.

On the other hand, Google uses open source for its Android operating system. Also, its Android market is open for those smartphones with Android OS.

To conclude, open source powers almost all top mobile technology providers.

Open Source Powers Social Media

There is no doubt that online social networking sites are dominating the web in today’s world. Almost all internet-oriented people are using social sites to get connected and reach the people they know. The most dominant social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here is why open source plays a vital role to their success.

• Facebook develops open source to use it for its software to maintain its more than 800 million users.

• Twitter develops open source to use it for its software to maintain its more than 400 million users.

• LinkedIn develops open source to use it for its software to maintain its more than 150 million users.

In addition, the use of customer relationship management (CRM) software has been also dominant. More companies are using them to better their relationship with their customers. A leading CRM solution in the world, SugarCRM is an open source solution. This has a free version that can be used with no cost.

Open Source Powers Social Media

The change brought by mobile and social platforms is delivered by software companies. Open source powers the cloud to bring that change to reality.

Open Source Powers Big Data

Big Data has been a promising tool. It promotes lower costs in using data mining, data warehousing and data analytics. Vendors of Big Data such as Vertica, Aster Data and Digital Reasoning are real divers of the market. All of them are powered by open source to compete well in the industry.

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CRM Integration Enhances Rate On Investment

Every business needs to improve customer service to increase the satisfaction level of its valued customers. Good customer satisfaction means sales growth, productivity and effective marketing. With the tight competition, companies are looking for business strategies that would help them attract more customers and provide the better customer service. The best way for you to effectively compete with other key players in your industry is to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) into your business transactions.

Not A Burden Cost

Some may view CRM integration as another expense. However, as a business, you will surely benefit from it in the long run. All you have to do is to determine the importance of CRM systems to your company and make the necessary steps to get its benefits. In fact, there are several advantages and benefits that you can get from using CRM systems. You can streamline your sales processes, convert your leads into dynamic results and provide timely service to your clients and customers. CRM integration is also advised when it comes to attracting potential prospects through vital information and business meetings.

The Sugar Software

A leading provider of CRM systems, SugarCRM can offer you the best benefits that you should get in the first place. Its Sugar software offers a wide range of business advantages. When it comes to drawing customers and prospects, it integrates well-known social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to provide users greater change to gain wide visibility. CRM integration is for sure the best way to enhance how your business responds to changing environment.

The Best Decision

Contrary to what others say, spending on CRM integration is a very wise for your business and for your people. Your people are the first people who can enjoy what CRM integration has to offer as they can have the ability to effectively communicate with customers. That way, the relationship and communication between your company and your customers are enhanced.

CRM integration is a win-win. It drives profits and improve rate on investment (ROI). What you spend in investing will eventually be given back to you. CRM systems have become the ultimate tools for dealing with customers and employees. With proper use and update on new trends, CRM integration will sure bring you to success.

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Customer Service Becomes the New Innovative Business Revenue Model

Customer service has now become the main focus of every business in any industry. Customers are undoubtedly the source of revenue, and that is why companies are becoming more innovative when it comes to how they handle their services for their respected customers and clients.

Customer service is all about customer relationship management (CRM). The way you manage your relationship with your customers reflects how successful your business is. Customer service is the new innovative business model for businesses and organizations that recognize its impact on their corporate profits. It is just very simple if you think about it. Without customers, there is no business at all. More importantly, you know how to attract and retain your customers. A company that is capable of building trust with their customers will always be successful in its industry.

The need to maximize customer relationship management promotes growth in the demand for CRM systems. This has also proven by the strong competition in the CRM market in which CRM providers are expanding the capability of their systems to improve customer service. In fact, more and more CRM companies are getting world attention because of the features that their products have. One of the leading providers of CRM systems is SugarCRM, which has shown dramatic growth with strong customer demand.

So why is customer service important? Let me outline some of the reasons why you need to improve your customer service to achieve dramatic growth in your business revenue.

• To improve customer satisfaction

• To maintain customer retention

• To enhance business innovations

• To promote growth

• To have solid reputation

• To attract more prospects

• To solidify team collaboration

• To increase the chances of being known globally

• To maximize corporate profits

• To build strong brand image

Now, let me also explain why customer service should become your main priority in your business revenue model.

• Without customers, your business will always be subject to shutdown

• Bad customer service pushes your customers away

• Limited customer service decreases your chance of getting new prospects

• Ineffective customer service only means you have ineffective employees

• Good customer service maximizes your revenue

• Effective customer service only shows how good your employees are when it comes to customer relations

Mentioned above are just some of the reasons why you need to improve your company’s customer service. Customers will never leave your company and will always be loyal to your business as long as they are happy with how they are dealt with. Making it sure that your company can provide answers to their questions, inquires and concerns will help you to stay in the long run.

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Sugar Version 6.5 Made Even Better

The release of Sugar version 6.5 has brought a wide range of features that have ultimately improved the way businesses deal with customer service. Sugar 6.5 is made even better with new enhancements and improvements in its capabilities. There is no way for SugarCRM users including customers, company partners and employees not to benefit from what Sugar 6.5 can offer.

Sugar 6.5 is yet the best version ever released by SugarCRM, and here are some of the reasons why:

User Experience is Streamlined and Went Through Intuition

Users can now have access to data more efficiently and perform related activities with no hassles.

Users can easily get information and create data through a newly updated navigation bar.

Users can look for more accurate and specific information in such a quicker and easy way with the use of the new FULL TEXT SEARCH.

Enhancements in Calendar Section

Users can schedule events in the SugarCRM to connect with others

Users can make recurring calls and meetings

Synchronization of Sugar calls, meetings, projects and other related tasks through the integration of iCalendar into Google’s Calendar.

Improvements in Admin

Users can facilitate the business activities of their company by using Studio to configure SugarCRM

Dependent dropdowns are now available because of a New Editor

Fields can be calculated and dependent because formula builder is enhanced.

These new features and capabilities are best fit to your business requirements and specifications. They are even made better to response to your company’s growing needs and much more demanding requirements.

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Why Choose Sugar For Your Business?

SugarCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to help businesses and organizations to strengthen their relationship with their valued customers and clients. The collaboration features of Sugar streamlines all bussiness activities and promotes effective and easy communication across all departments. I will list below some of what SugarCRM can offer for your business.

• Offers an opportunity and account insight into all your activities

• Uses a unified interface for managing schedules, meetings, calls and emails

• Creates, designates and controls projects and relevant tasks

• Supports necessary external data for third parties

• Boosts employee productivity and efficiency

• Improves team collaboration and cooperation

• Provides easy access to information in the CRM system

• Helps marketing teams improve their campaigns

• Clears barriers to understanding customer concerns, complains and inquiries

• Solidifies business partnerships

• Integrates social networks and Microsoft Outlook

• Shares documents with the rest of your team

• Increases profitability

• Allows the use of over 40 tools for integration

• Customizes dashboard to meet requirements

• Builds multiple accounts per client

• Gives extensive functionalities for document management

• Supports several languages

• Assists in managerial decision making

• Offers real-time insight into sales leads

In addition, SugarCRM provides ideal opportunity to developers when setting up CRM for individual businesses. And because it is an open source software, you can customize and configure SugarCRM to meet your specifications. This also has a free version for its Communication Edition.

Other Features:

• Compatible with Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS

• A multiplatform that allows users to create their own modules

• Has a minimum requirement to use.

SugarCRM has been used by global companies including:

• International internet firm Yahoo!

• World’s large coffee shop chain Starbucks

• global consulting company BDO Seidman

• AXA Rosenberg

• Coca Cola Enterprise

With SugarCRM, you can have everything that you wanted to improve and boost business productivity.