The DanmarCRM Map of User Leads created in CRM

  • • website forms (eg: gravity forms)
  • • website forms generated by Mautic
  • • bought leads
  • • Facebook lead generation integration

CRM Professional Services

when you need a guide captain DanmarCRM is here for you


CRM Consulting

Experienced CRM consultants will help you clearly define requirements and create an accurate specification document, crucial for the successful development of any CRM implementation project.


Import your existing CRM and not only information’s to 1CRM . Import data from SugarCRM,Salesforce,ACTON , Dynamics, Infusionsoft or any other parable source .


Every business is unique. Let our experienced CRM developers customize the CRM for your business needs increasing  productivity and effectiveness.

Jumpstart packages

Use jumpstart packages to quickly start using your CRM.


when you need a guide captain DanmarCRM is here for you

Integrate your CRM with any other software that has an API and not only . Improve business productivity integrating with Marketing Automation softwareas Hubspot , MyMarketingEngine , Mautic , Active Campaigns or Sharp Spring, Accounting software as XERO , Saasu , QuickBooks , phone systems as Ring Central , FreePBX, other systems as Magento, WordPress or any other important for your business.



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