Sugar Compare Editions

A Comparison of SugarCRM CE and Sugar PRO Edition


SugarCRM CE (Community Edition) is formerly known as Sugar Open Source that offers you to control and allows you from vendor lock-in.  It can be used by users with no limitation and is available free of charge.


    User Experience

  • New User Wizard
  • Customizable Home Pages

  Sales Force Automation

  • Leads
  • Documents
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Activities
  • Opportunities

Marketing Automation

  • Campaign Dashboard
  • Newsletter Management
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Online Lead Capture
  • Web-to-Lead Forums
  • Campaigns

Customer Support

  • Email Management
  • Bug Tracking
  • Case Management


  • Sales Pipeline Dashboard
  • Opportunities by Lead South Dashboard
  • Monthly Pipeline by Outcome Dashboard
  • Lead Source Dashboard.


  • Document Management
  • Activity Management
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) Email client
  • Project Management
  • Employee Directory
  • Sugar Feeds
  • Shared Calendar


  • Configure Tabs
  • Assignment Notification
  • Drag-and-Drop Custom Layouts
  • Custom Record Types
  • Module Builder
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Objects
  • Custom Modules


  • Data Exports and Imports
  • Upgrade Wizard
  • Import De-Duplication


  • Web-Services Application Programming Interface (API)
  • My Portal Dashlets
  • Custom Links
  • Cloud Connections (Limited)

Moreover, when it comes to “Security,SugarCRM CE has access control by user role.






By upgrading from SugarCRM CE to SugarCRM Professional Edition (PRO), you would gain these following features:

Customer Profiles

  • These profiles help you to better understand your customers. Customer profiles are also shown by industry, company size, product assets, revenue, geography and other important factors. Business can have improved control over their existing relationships.

Business Dashboards

  • Key business metrics across Sales, Support and Marketing can be easily monitored.

Matrix Reporting

  • Powerful reports across modules, which truly help companies discover their rate of investment, can be created with the ability to group by multiple attributes.

Extended Marketing Analytics

  • Businesses are allowed to measure marketing campaigns’ effectiveness relative to channel, budget, estimated revenue and win rate to gain an overview of how the sales pipeline is affected by such programs.

Sales Trends

  • Sales executives and managers are allowed to have the insight needed for responding to changing business  conditions.  They can also be able to oversee sales representative pipeline by sales stage.

Sales Forecasting

  • Sales managers and representatives are given the ability for the generation of accurate forecasts based on sales information in SugarCRM. They are also allowed to create, assign and edit quotas for the team, roll-up forecasts across the sales department and measure forecast accuracy related commit accounts.

Mobile Integration

  • This offers PDA and wireless access in order for you to work away from the office. This way, you can translate to less downtime and greater productivity.

Workflow Management

  • Companies can streamline their processes within their organization and create custom business processes using Sugar Objects. They can also describe actions and alerts to become more responsive to the demands of their customers.

Module Administration

  • This feature allows the delegation of administrative authority for different parts of the application.

Plug-Ins for Microsoft Office

  • CRM information can be integrated with the leading productivity tools in Microsoft.  Companies are given the ability to sync emails, calendar data and contacts into Sugar Modules, and merge them in Microsoft Word.

Case Reports

  • Businesses are aid in monitoring customer problems and assisting customer support team in solving these issues. This feature also allows the measurement of open cases by support representatives, priority , time period and entitlement.