SugarCRM Modules

SugarCRM Modules

  • Close the loop between Marketing and Sales
  • Excellent Alone - Even Better Together
  • Sell smarter and faster.
  • Create more engaging marketing.

SugarCRM HubSpot

    • Works in browser and CRM
    • No additional software or hardware required
    • Place outgoing calls from CRM Records.

Twilio Phone And Power Dialer for CRM

  • close the loop between E-commerce and CRM
  • eliminate manual labor with automated synchronization
  • provide sales agents a 360 degrees view over clients

SugarCRM – Magento

  • Re-target existing customers

Facebook Custom Audience

  • Save Time and Improve Communication Between Facebook and SugarCRM
  • Eliminate manual input and errors

SugarCRM Facebook Leads Integration

  • Bi-directional Syncronization

ActiveCampaign Integration

  • Increase sales & productivity
  • Allows the customization according to business type
  • Customer support is improved

SugarCRM Portal for Wordpress

  • Round Robin - Push
  • Cherry Pick - Pull
  • Blind Pull
  • Shark Tank Pull

SugarCRM Lead Routing

  • update SugarCRM CE 6.5 to PHP 7+
  • update custom modules and custom code to PHP 7+

SugarCRM update to PHP7

SugarCRM Web Push Notifications

  • Access all SugarCRM Modules and Records from the native Android APP
  • Place voice calls directly from record views by Phone or Twilio
  • Create Quotes directly from the mobile app
  • Scan Invoice and Business Cards and convert them to CRM Records by OCR

SugarCRM Call Tracker App for Android