Mautic to Facebook Custom Audience

Mautic is one of the most powerful marketing automation tools available being used by marketers and businesses. As a marketing automation tool, Mautic plays a critical role in generating leads and nurturing them.


Lead generation in Mautic is usually done using your website or by creating web forms allowing people to subscribe to your list. This then allows you to implement email sequences to follow up, send automatic messages or newsletters to engage your customer and increase loyalty.


These functionalities alone make Mautic a really powerful tool, now imagine being able to use your social media reach in conjunction with your marketing automation.


Facebook being one of the most widely used social media platforms available provides a wealth of possibilities for generating new leads increasing your reach considerably. Facebook custom audiences allows for one of the best ad targeting options available.


Now, you are not just waiting for people to visit your website or sign up on your web forms – you can proactively reach out to new audiences using Facebook to generate new leads.


Mautic allows you to sync your custom audiences to your segments making sure that you are able to add them to your marketing campaign and sequences. You can also send your Facebook lead ads directly to Mautic in real time.


Supercharge your inbound marketing campaigns by integrating Facebook custom audience with Mautic.


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