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SugarCRM 6.5

This spring SugarCRM has introduced its newest version of the customer relationship management platform the Sugar 6.5. The new version of SugarCRM aims to bring performance improvements while its most important feature is putting the user first by making it easier to find and have access to the needed customer information.

Some of the new features that make Sugar 6.5 more accessible to users are the updated navigation bar that was created so that users could have access to information without effort and the Full Text Search that finds data faster and easier. SugarCRM 6.5 is more driven by search, this being one of the main changes that have been done in CRM 6.5. The better search capabilities will give you new ways of searching in order to get the most important customer information that you need.

The new version also brings calendar enhancements supporting dynamic scheduling by using a simple drag and drop that supports recurring meetings and calls. Sugar has now made connecting to others easier through iCalendar integration by synchronizing Sugar calls, meetings, tasks and also projects to Google and iCal.

When it comes to administrative enhancements, SugarCRM has added a new editor to create dependent dropdowns and it has enhanced the formula builder in order to create calculated and depended fields in an easier manner.
All in all the 6.5 version of SugarCRM is user oriented making the use of this software easier and more accessible.
Through all the new improvements the company’s design philosophy is having a “user first” approach by offering the needed information in the fastest and most accurate manner.