1CRM Call Tracker App for Android

1CRM now has its own Call Tracker Android App

1CRM Call Tracker App for Android main functionality:

The new Call Tracker App for 1CRM gives you optimized access to all of your calls and gives the opportunity to track them in or sync them to CRM. All Inbound, Outbound and Missed calls are monitored, tracked and Call records can be created automatically in CRM.


Multiple functionalities

Once you log-in, you can choose to sync the calls to CRM, which type of calls to sync – incoming, outgoing or missed, track the calls in Offline Mode and whether or not to display a popup when the call ends.

  • It also features an Offline Mode in which users can sync only the desired call records to CRM. When entering the call logs, you can choose which calls you want synced.



  • For privacy reasons users can select NOT to track calls at all and use the app only to easily dial out calls.


Update opportunity calls

Once logged-in, the user can retrieve a list of all opportunities assigned to him, each opportunity having a “Detailed View” function. From there, the user can do several actions:

  • Place a Phone Call that will create a new Call record linked to the opportunity, account and contact in CRM;
  • Take a photo that will be saved as a Note for the corresponding opportunity;
  • Request for a signature directly on their phone screen that will then be linked to as a Note record in CRM;
  • Take a Note at the end of any call with the call’s outcome.



Call Management

From each opportunity, the user can retrieve the list of planned or scheduled calls for it. In addition, by accessing the “Detail View” of each scheduled call, the user can initiate said call, that on end will update back in CRM status (Held / Not Held) and duration.



This Call Tracker App makes communicating and keeping up with all the shared information between user and clients easier to remember and note, while also making call scheduling easier to handle and call appointments harder to forget.