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New Updates in Sugar

With the release of new Sugar 6.5 beta, SugarCRM is taking a big step in providing users with great experience. New enhancements and improvements are implemented to further boost user experience and satisfaction level. Committed to always provide updates on the software, SugarCRM makes it sure that the demands, needs and interests of the users are met.

Here, we take a look into some enhancements and improvements in Sugar.

Updated User Interface

The user interface (UI) is updated to help the sales departments make an easy communication when looking for prospects or dealing with existing customers. The combination of three navigation bars makes it time-efficient to navigate and work productively. A new collapsible footer is also implemented for the convenient display of any integrated apps.

Faster Searching

With full text search, users are enabled to look for information in a much faster way. Top results are immediately shown in just a few key strokes. This makes it very quick and useful to the users. What is more is that fields and custom modules are searchable.

Much More Improved Calendar

The calendar in Sugar is never without something new to offer as it is improved to the point that every user would love to see it. Aside from creating recurring calls and meetings, users can also change meetings and calls during with the comfortable drag and drop interface. In fact, users are allowed to boost attendance by the email reminders that are automatically sent before the scheduled meetings. With the new integration of iCal, users can view the information on the meeting in other calendars. Moreover, there are plug-ins for IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook in Sugar to allow the syncing of meetings to calendar applications.

Business deals are now closely attainable as sale personnel are aided by the new collaboration between SugarCRM and IBM. Every sales department can become more efficient in dealing with existing clients, customers and prospects.

Furthermore, there are also improvements specifically designed for Sugar developers and administrators and they include:

Enhanced email and browser platform support.
Infrastructure betterment for customers in sugar On-demand.
Introduction of an architecture that is pluggable to enable developers have easy integration of other business applications.
Database refactoring and better performance to UI.
Implementation of new side-caching framework for new clients.

More features with IBM:

With a pre-integrated pattern for the PureApplication System from IBM,
Sugar is made applicable to the new PureSystems.

More IBM connections integrations to offer enhanced user experience for social business.

Improved integration of Microsoft Outlook and Expanded connection to the Smarter Commerce of IBM.