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SugarCRM Leads or Contacts Search by Email Is Slow or Time Outs

because of a MySQL bug still active in almost all servers the search from SugarCRM becomes very slow or even times out for big databases/tables when “Any email” field is involved.

Solving this bug improves the speed of search considerably , allowing users to use this search for databases with a big number of records too , and decreasing server load considerably.

Part that needs fixed IN (SELECT eabr.bean_id FROM email_addr_bean_rel eabr
  JOIN email_addresses ea ON ( = eabr.email_address_id) WHERE eabr.deleted=0 AND ea.email_address LIKE

Please contact us for more information.

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New Sync Between SugarCRM and osCommerce Released

Danmar Computers has released a sync the open source customer relationship management software SugarCRM and osCommerce, an online store management software program.

Open source Commerce or osCommerce is a free online shop program that features shopping carts, order history, secured transactions, product reviews and lists of bestsellers. Because of its large support community, this program is very easy to use and highly suitable for all kinds of stores. It enables products catalogs to be searched and browsed, proving to be very effective when it comes to selling.

Danmar Computers creates this new application wherein information introduced on store sites could be transferred to SugarCRM. It means that customers can now be synced with SugarCRM as a new lead through this module. All leads created in SugarCRM are converted into an account and a contact once customers check out in the store.
All customers registered in the online store sites are now able to make an account for either purchasing items or just subscription to newsletter offerings.

This new application created by Danmar Computers allows easy access from osCommerce to the in-demand SugarCRM software, which has been used by a wide range of businesses all over the world. This also allows all users to maximize the benefits of the online store management program and the open source CRM with regards to convenient, efficient and effective customer service.

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Sync Connects Magento to SugarCRM

Open-source customer relationship management software SugarCRM has proven to be more powerful as it can now incorporated Magento into its services and offerings.

Launched on March 31, 2008 as an open source e-commerce web application, Magento is widely used by online retailers with over 150,000 websites using it. Such sites range from smaller e-commerce sites to multinational businesses such as Samsung.

A sync has been created between SugarCRM and the open source e-commerce system Magento wherein information on online store websites could be transferred into SugarCRM. The new application allows Magento-registered customer to be synced with SugarCRm as a new lead. The lead created in SugarCRM following the completion of the customer’s checkout in the online store will be converted into an account and a contact with information on address and phone numbers from the form filled up in the checkout.

In addition, a lead will be automatically created for each customer and that will be converted into which all products being ordered will be added.

An account can be created by a new customer on the online store website for purchasing items or for subscription to newsletters. All data entered in the registration from will be transferred to the SugarCRM which will then create a lead.

All leads created will be updated with the new information from Magento, leading to the creation of an Account, Contact and Opportunity.

Magento uses object-oriented programming (OOP) and EAV model, allowing it to be much more versatile compared with other e-commerce platforms when it comes to storage of large range of data.
Magento is also made by its features adaptable that allows multiple themes to run on one set of layout commands and even similar database.

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SugarCRM Magento Sync Connector

    If you have an on-line store you probably wondered how you could create a link between Magento and SugarCRM where the information introduced on your website could be transferred into SugarCRM. The new application released by Danmar Computers creates a sync between Magento, the open source ecommerce system and SugarCRM. In short, with the new module, when a customer registers in Magento, that customer will be synced with Sugar CRM as a new lead, and when the customer completes the checkout in the store the lead created in Sugar CRM will be converted into an account and a contact, adding the address and the phone numbers from the checkout form.
In addition, the module will automatically create a lead for each client which will be converted into an opportunity* and in which all the ordered products will be added.

SugarCRM Magento Sync

    A new customer on the store`s site can create an account to purchase some items or just to subscribe to the newsletter, offers. After finishing the registration form and hitting the “Submit” button, creating an account, the entered data will be sent to the SugarCRM instance and a Lead will be created.

    If the customer continues with a purchase of some items form the store, on the last step of the Checkout form, upon submitting the order in the store, all the data will be sent to the SugarCRM instance. The created lead, mentioned earlier, will be updated with the new data from Magento (addresses, phones etc.) and will be converted creating an Account, Contact and Opportunity.

    If the customer does not create an account prior to an order or doesn’t want to create one, submitting the order as a guest, in the SugarCRM instance a lead will be created and afterwards it will be converted.

    The ordered products will be added in the Opportunity, in the tab “Magento Products”. All the products will be added also in the “Magento Product Catalog”, in SugarCRM , if they do not already exist, in order to keep track of them and to create reports and graphs.

* Only PRO version available here:
SugarCRM Magento Connector PRO

SugarCRM Magento Workflow

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SugarCRM E-conomic Connector

SugarCRM – E-conomic Connector

The SugarCRM – E-conomic connector is a software which executes a synchronization between SugarCRM and
E-conomic, more precisely between the SugarCRM modules of Accounts, Contacts, Products and Quotes, and the
E-conomic modules of Companies, Contacts, Products and Quotations / Orders / Invoices.

The SugarCRM – E-conomic Connector does not execute a fully bidirectional synchronization between the two programs.

Instead, from SugarCRM to E-conomic it synchronizes Sugar’s Accounts, Products, Contacts and Quotes into E-conomic’s Companies, Contacts, Products and Quotations / Orders / Invoices, while from E-conomic to SugarCRM it only synchronizes E-conomic’s Companies and Contacts with Sugar’s Accounts and Contacts.

Install procedure:

Step 1. Download the Sugar to E-conomic Sync Connector zip files.

Step 2. Upload the files in SugarCRM Module Loader  and install it.

Step 3. Check the Administration module, in the bottom of the page you will find a new group titled “E-conomic”.

In the “E-conomic Connector Settings” section  you will have to insert the E-conomic Agreement Number, Username and Password. The E-conomic URL  is the default URL to the API, and  it can be edited if the URL of the API changes.

The other two groups “SugarCRM to E-conomic Sync Settings” and “E-conomic to SugarCRM Sync Settings” allow you to select precisely the elements that you what to sync.

When creating a new Account notice the extra E-conomic Panel and the E-conomic Debtor Group in it, which contains all the possible groups in which a debtor can be placed.


At sync, the connector will check whether the SugarCRM Account has a debtor from

E-conomic associated with it. If an associated debtor is found in E-conomic, then that debtor will be checked against the corresponding Account from SugarCRM, and any differences found will be correctly updated in the debtor. If there is no debtor associate, one will be created and marked in the SugarCRM Account.

Also, the Account’s contact/s in SugarCRM will be checked against the corresponding Debtor’s contact/s in E-conomic, and any differences found will be correctly updated in the debtor contacts.

In Product Catalog , a new panel was defined: Economic Panel, it contains all the possible groups in which a product can be placed in E-conomic (Product Groups).

When creating a Quote, the field “E-conomic Stage” shows the state in which the quote is in E-conomic (it can be  Quotation, Order, or an Invoice). Every product inserted in the Quote, must be first added in the Product Catalog.

When the sync procedure is triggered the quotes will be first checked with the E-conomic records by the value from the “E-conomic Stage”. If no record was found as associate to the quote , a new one will be created. After creating the record and updating the fields regarding the debtor, addresses etc. the products will be inserted in it. The products are added also in the

E-conomic Product Catalog and checked for modifications at every quote sync.

If a record is associated to the quote, the record data and the products data will be updated if necessary .