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Sugar Opens Cambridge Office: The Growing Global Presence

Customer relationship management solutions provider SugarCRM has opened a new facility in Cambridge, England as part of its efforts to have robust growth globally. The fastest growing CRM company in the world, SugarCRM has been expanding through the products and services it offers to its customers. It has been providing CRM solutions intended to help companies grow to the highest level and assist them with their sales activities and customer management processes.

New Area for Innovation

The new office will be located in Cambridge’s most dynamic technology center. The company, which is headquartered in Cupertino, California, decided to open the new site to meet the needs of its customers and partners in Great Britain and to increase its presence in Europe. The company wants to ensure that its customers and clients are effectively assisted with best outcome for their business activities.

With strong focus on technological innovation, SugarCRM wants to increase its business revenue while improving the satisfaction level of its existing customers. It describes Great Britain as its largest market outside Germany and the United States. The decision of SugarCRM to open the Cambridge site is mainly fueled by Cambridge University, along with growing demand for cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS).

SugarCRM’s IBM Partnership

SugarCRM has just announced its partnership with IBM for the SmartCloud platform. The alliance, which SugarCRM hopes to last, will boost its ties with IBM in providing services and products to the CRM community. The company believes that the new office in Cambridge will have a dramatic impact on its business as it aims for global expansion with growing number of customers. Also, the company attributed the success it is experiencing to the increasing number of CRM customers worldwide as well as the strategic relations with tier one businesses. It adds that its goal for increasing its range in the said area is imperative, allowing it to further enhance its offerings and services.

An overview of Sugar

SugarCRM has been selected as the only open source solution for customer relationship management deployments in the public sector. The opening of the new office will mark Sugar’s launch of its initiatives for capturing all enterprises and businesses that are still not using CRM solutions. Sugar is partnering several CRM businesses which have helped it to translate the Sugar software into over 40 languages, making it to be globally adopted by customers and companies worldwide. Furthermore, SugarCRM offers packages to help new clients improve their productivity through professional support with knowledge transfer and configuration. It is highly dedicated to help CRM businesses to collaborate as a team with quick response time to customer inquiries.