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Let Sugar Take Your Business to the Highest Point

SugarCRM is a customized and flexible environment providing powerful customer relationship management features. SugarCRM provides businesses and organizations with what they need to increase the loyalty, the value and the satisfaction of their customers and prospects.

With broad support for marketing, sales, comprehensive reporting, intuitive customization tools, and support processes, SugarCRM helps companies improve their revenue growth and sales performance by providing the tools needed in identifying and tracking opportunities, managing accounts, creating and monitoring forecast and pipelines and launching successful selling initiatives. Additionally, SugarCRM allows sales representatives to work offline and online through mobile access and Microsoft Outlook Integration. It combines its functions and features with maximum customizability and flexibility, allowing businesses to leverage a customer relations management software that can easily adapt to unique client-facing processes. With SugarCRM, companies and organizations can make their marketing campaigns become more profitable and successful. Not only it empowers marketing executives to deliver accurate segmentation, SugarCRM also creates and produces solutions, initiates effective email campaigns and organizes leads from multiple sources.


SugarCRM Dashboard



While centralizing customer requests across different channels, SugarCRM enables support and service teams to make solutions for customer complaints in a consistent, prompt and professional way. With CRM support from Sugar, managers are allowed to examine incident frequency and analyze the responsiveness and performance of team members. They are provided with the insight into how to improve the delivery of service continuously and how to increase customer retention. Moreover, the Sugar software includes robust analysis and reporting capabilities to allow executives and the team to evaluate business performance, identify critical metrics and quickly determine sales opportunities across all client and prospects-facing departments.

To satisfy the data needed by users within different functions and roles, reports and charts can be fully customized. It is able to deliver collaboration features beyond the capabilities of other CRM solutions in the market. Enabling true cross-business communication and providing syndicated third-group content, Sugar permits teams in marketing, sales and support departments to coordinate in activities such as sharing documents and other related information and tracking the status of projects.

Through a comfortable environment provided by Sugar, developers can make rapid CRM solutions customizations to meet the specific needs of their business. With the design tools that the Sugar software has, users can have easy and quick definition of workflows and other business-related processes. Eventually, they can integrate SugarCRM with all their business systems while setting access privileges based on profiles, user roles and more.