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How Partnerships Helped SugarCRM

SugarCRM is the fastest growing CRM provider in the world. It cemented the value and world status of its Sugar software through its dramatic growth resulting from initiatives, innovations, great decision making and new product development. The company never allows itself to limit what it is capable of. In fact, it continues to maximize its offerings and services to always maintain the high level satisfaction and loyalty of its valued customers. The growth of SugarCRM is accompanied by achievements and numerous awards which it received from the enhancements and improvements in its CRM system.

The main contributor to SugarCRM’s growth and success in the market is its strong relationship with its partners around the globe. The number of SugarCRM’s partners is increasing. Its partnerships are always valued and committed to doing the best for the Sugar Software. There are many reasons why SugarCRM continues its bonds with its partners. Partnership allows SugarCRM to expand its brand image and name in the world CRM market. It is the way of attracting people to try the features and capabilities of Sugar. The partnerships of Sugar are relatively easy to establish since its image is strong and attractive. Because it is known as the world’s fastest CRM system provider, the business at Sugar is made cost-effective as each partner has different specialties in improving SugarCRM’s offerings and products.

SugarCRM allows end users to connect the gap between business and social web. It adds incremental value to the CRM initiatives of every organization and business. Now let us take a look into some of the most notable partnerships at Sugar.

SugarCRM integrates with InsideView. The SalesView product of InsideView aggregates and analyzes social feeds and information resources to offer insights for marketing and sales professionals within SugarCRM software.

SnapLogic, a SugarCRM partner, created an integration to link useful sites like YouTube, Yelp, Kiva and Twitter. This integration enables the users of SugarCRM to leverage and have an access to these social media platforms without fees or charges.

A key member of the Channel network of SugarCRM in Europe, Synolia made a simple and easy connector for Twitter in Sugar 6 version.

A deep integration has been also created by inbound and social market space leader Hubspot between Sugar 6 and its solution set.

Moreover, SugarCRM made a quick and easy importing of contacts into Sugar from social networks and other related sites.

These partnerships allowed SugarCRM to make a wider pool of contacts, skills and knowledge. It also provided the mix of complimentary skills coming from a lot of professional individuals. In short, it enables SugarCRM to embrace creativity and unlimited decision making in the design process.