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SugarCRM’s Social Platform in Version 6

The use of SugarCRM is countless and immeasurable. As long as you know how to adopt the Sugar software to your business requirements, you can always enjoy what SugarCRM has to offer. SugarCRM is the fastest growing provider of customer relations management (CRM) software in the world. The release of the social CRM of Sugar 6 version shows the strong position of SugarCRM in the CRM market. The Sugar 6 version is the most flexible, intuitive and open CRM system in the world. With its expanded and enhanced features and capabilities, there is no doubt that the companies and organizations are attracted to use the best CRM software.

The Sugar 6 reveals new integrations, news tools and new out-of-the-box capabilities that would surely result in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty level. SugarCRM has become the leader in delivering the value of contextual and timely information within applications and social networks to its valued customers. With the new version 6, organizations and companies, big or small, are provided with the opportunity to better leverage powerful social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Customers can now also leverage a variety of social media feeds located inside the user interface of their SugarCRM software.

The new social platform of SugarCRM covers unlimited external information resources in fostering the value of social business. Also, the Sugar 6 version enables every user to monitor, aggregate, and track social information and integrate them it into their existing customer data. With these powerful features, SugarCRM enables every organization or business to improve their campaigns in social marketing to reach target audiences and networks. Many users and other businesses using the Sugar software affirm that SugaCRM help them in aggregating and analyzing information about their customers and prospects from a variety of sources and networks in a much quicker and improved way.

Also, the SugarCRM software allows a real time communication between businesses and their respective customers an prospects, allowing them to lead and take advantage in the competition.

Popular with many businesses and organizations, SugarCRM makes itself to become a cost effective, innovative and flexible CRM software. The number of its purposes continues to increase even more, particularly when managing and monitoring customer data, uploading or downloading customer information, tracking customer contacts and emailing marketing campaigns. The SugarCRM software is made even better through multiple platforms which hold its strong stance in the competition. There is no other CRM system that can every do what SugarCRM has to offer.

Moreover, the social platform in Sugar 6 enables business of all sizes to rapidly become more customer-centric and better in listening and reacting to their customer actions and prospects’ needs.