ActiveCampaign Integration


In order to keep up with the marketing landscape that is constantly shifting, evolving and becoming increasingly complex, one needs the proper tools to convert prospects to customers.

Activecampaign is that kind of tool. With a marketing automation platform in place, like Activecampaign your marketing and sales teams can automate and optimize your lead generation and nurturing programs from initial prospect contact through the entire sales process.

Simply put, marketing automation works to automate your marketing communication programs.

Activecampaign integration with SugarCRM provides acces to a rapidly growing community of Sugar users that truly require innovative and intuitive demand-generation

tools throughout the entire customer life cycle.

SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordablecustomer relationship management (CRM) solution on the market.

By placing the individual at the center of its solution, SugarCRM is empowering people at all levels of an organization to better understand and engage with customers.

Whenever you create a lead in ActiveCampaign, the same entry is automatically created in Sugar.
If you modify a lead in Activecampaign, the same lead is modified automatically in Sugar as well and vice versa. The following screenshots are pretty self-explanatory and work as an example of how easy yet useful this tool is.