SugarCRM Server Optimization

Did you know you can significantly improve SugarCRM performance by optimizing the server and queries? How about a proven system for SugarCRM Server Optimization that does this job efficiently? Have a look at the salient features of this system, and what it can do for you.

Web server optimization

It focuses on delivering high efficiency and speed for your business demands. Our system performs web server optimization by utilizing various techniques like data compression, maintaining cache, and eliminating bottlenecks. When the web server has a good level of performance, it improves the level of productivity as well.

MySQL server optimization

Optimizing the way MySQL queries are handled and stored is also critical for improving the performance of your SugarCRM system. From tuning cache sizes, to diagnosing problems – our system does it all for efficiently performing the job of MySQL server optimization.

Monitor and optimize queries sent to MySQL server

Monitoring the SQL queries is one of the most essential techniques for optimizing the performance. There are various factors that can significantly slow down the queries and operations, and manually performing the task of monitoring and optimization is quite tedious. Our system is designed to optimize the queries, so that the server load is greatly reduced and the same result is achieved in a much simpler way, thereby increasing the performance of the whole setup by a notch.

Improve server response time

By improving the server response time, you will reduce the time required for fetching information from the databases. This means when you have to search some crucial data in the Accounts module, or need to create a new account – it will take you just 0.04 to 0.05 seconds. With more responsive servers and systems, you can get more work done in less amount of time. Needless to say, in business, time means money.


Results are best shown by numbers and figures. Our SugarCRM server optimization system has demonstrated very good results by optimizing large databases with more than 200,000 records in each module, and over 10 GB of data. Generating ListVIew of such modules has shown server response times of 0.5 to 2 seconds. This is when a large segment of our users make use of only quad-core or 8-core CPU servers.

What you can expect

With our performance-oriented system, you can do the following tasks with simplicity.

Boost performance
Eliminate bottlenecks
Increase productivity
Save time
Save money

Are you ready to achieve these advantages? Want to know more about our SugarCRM server optimization systems, and how it can help your business? Contact us now!