SugarCRM Professional – 10 Users Pack


Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Automation

  • Lead, opportunity, and account management
  1. share lead/opportunity/accounts/contacts data across sugarcrm users and benefit of  teams security rules
  2. monitor opportunities/quotes stages across organization
  3. have full image of sales process and activity at any moment
  4. improve users activity by using mobile connector working for almost any smart phone
  • Campaign management, email marketing
  1. create and manage campaigns across all marketing channels using targeted leads/contacts/accounts filtered by different criterias
  2. use microsoft word to create personalized letters
  3. capture web leads directly from website using web2lead connector or SOAP interface
  • Case management and incident tracking
  1. manage all contacts/accounts/leads service issues/incidents by using “inbound emails”
  2. assign the incident to support teams by round robin or least busy assignment algorithm
  3. get a full image of the support activity by using report module
  4. benefit by the workflow manager power futures to improve response time
  • Advanced dashboards
  1. benefit the power of existing dashlets or create new ones by key metrics
  2. customize dashlets to reflect key information needed for daily business activity
  3. get information in real time and drill down to check base data

Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM

  • Sugar Mobile browser for access on any smartphone
  1. access a light web version from any mobile phone browser that does not require high end smartphones/browsers
  • Sugar Mobile for Android or iPhone (native app)
  1. benefit the power of native application developed for Android or iPhone to maintain data as easy as possible
  • Offline sync for Sugar Mobile
  1. use the data no matter if internet connection is available or not
  2. native applications allow sync of the data when internet connection is available.

Social CRM

Social CRM and Collaboration

  • Cloud Connectors to Facebook, Hoovers, Jigsaw, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Zoominfo
  1. get your Facebook friends news feeds in activity stream dashlet
  2. view the contact/account/lead LinkedIn information
  3. fetch tweets of known contacts
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Citrix Online GoToMeeting integration
  1. easily start a web meeting with any lead / contact / account
  • Activity Streams
  1. stay informed by any new activity in SugarCRM by using Activity Streams
  2. customize Activity streams to receive only important data by teams / modules such as leads,accounts,contacts,opportunities
  • Gmail and Google Docs integration
  1. benefit by the powerfully applications provided by gmail and google docs i
  • InsideView integration
  • LotusLive integration
  • Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel
  1. keep using prefered tolls while being able to share documents/emails with sugar users
  2. archive emails from Outlook to Sugar and relate them to coresponfing account/contact/lead/opportunity
  3. sync calendar data in 2 directions
  4. use the power of merge plugin for Word