SugarCRM FreePBX Elastix Trixbox 5 hours Support

The WebChat/Phone Support is the best way to found quick support and assessment for any SugarCRM/FreePBX/Elastix/Trixbox topic. From “how to” procedures to to estimation of implementation projects you will always find the right and shortest way to configure your FreePBX/Elastix/Trixbox based system or perform your project with 2nd and 3rd level of support behind your back. You can purchase a bundle of 5 hours in 8×5 format . Use them for an estimation, a scheduled maintenance or keep them as a “Stand By” support technician you can consult at any time. This package does not include any Programming/scripting service but only technical support related integration of SugarCRM/FreePBX/Elastix/Trixbox modules.