SugarCRM – automatic emails sent to client form contact/account module relative to a certain date/condition

SugarCRM is designed to send emails based on predefined email templates to any email address associated with any module: contacts , accounts , leads or any other module, predefined or custome, at certain time intervals.

For example, we are able follow up a lead and send a welcome email when the lead was created. It can send one week later email, 7 days after the creation date or an email after two weeks, 14 days later from the creation date to let the customer know how everything is going.

It can also be configured to send emails for any desired event.

We can also send alerts or create tasks/meetings/calls for SugarCRM users, so that they can manage leads appropriately, or for any other module.

These type of workflows are fully upgrade safe.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information.