SpyGlass Module

The SpyGlass module allows you to see detailed tracking of your users. The mechanism involves installing javascript tracking script on website to uniquely tag the visitors and keep a history of their visited pages in a specific order. When the user submits a form, a lead is automatically created in crm.

Whenever the lead visits the website again, we update the crm and add new “Visited pages” in real time so that we are
able to configure different workflows with actions in crm like notifying the assigned user of the pages the lead visited,
get the lead in a drip campaign based on certain criteria based on the visited pages, or schedule a call in order to make different offers to clients.

The benefits of this feature are:
*Real-time information
*Allows you to have a clearer picture of what your visitors are doing while they are accessing your website, how they interact with your content, what is it they are interested in
*Saves time and resources
*Automated process
*Targeting Your Audience
The first step in a drip marketing campaign is to identify a specific target audience – the more specific the better. Your customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you identify, categorize or segment target group recipients
*You are able to deliver the right information at exactly the right moment
*The more closely you have defined your target audience, the better you can target your messaging to the market.
*You can personalize the message as opposed to sending the same message repeatedly which is a waste of resources and customer attention
*Less spam-Basically, by knowing what your customer is interested in, you can choose to send only relevant information
*significantly increasing the chances to persuade your client into purchasing
*Helps building and maintaining customer awareness of your company and product and systematically move the customer into an active sales cycle when they are ready to buy
*Higher likelihood of sales- Customers are more likely to buy a product from a company they already know and trust

We are also working on implementing “referral” and “keyword”, though keyword can’t be obtained from most of google searches.