HubSpot Custom Form with Product Lines Integration

For Clients and Leads: Simplify the process of creating new records and deals, with features such as automated Deal creation and linking products as line items.
For Internal HubSpot Users: Efficiently generate quotes and manage deals with enhanced form capabilities.

  • Product Integration: Users can effortlessly add products to the form with a straightforward search by product name. This feature is particularly valuable as it allows you to link products directly to Deals or Quotes as line items, a capability not available in HubSpot’s standard form builder.

  • Advanced Search Capability: Easily search for companies, products or any other select/drop-down field by name using any letters contained in the name.

  • Comprehensive Field Support: Our form supports all field types, including file uploads, date pickers, checkboxes, and single and multiple option selections

  • Versatile Usage: The form can be used by clients and leads when the standard HubSpot form builder falls short, particularly in linking products to deals or quotes. Additionally, it serves as a powerful tool for internal HubSpot users to generate quotes efficiently.

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