SugarCRM JumpStart Package

Jumpstart packages are designed to help new customers springboard their productivity through professional services with initial set-up, configuration and knowledge transfer.
You’ve made an important investment in the technology to enable your CRM needs. Now its time to get the professional assistance to help ensure that you hit the ground running ... read more

SugarCRM Phone with PowerDialer for TAPI and VOIP

The SugarCRM Phone integration provides a full integration directly into Sugar product editions, allowing SugarCRM users to manage all communications activities and improve the handling and documentation of call-related activities. It connects to SugarCRM via web services, providing support for hosted SugarCRM installations... read more

SugarCRM Call Script Module

Call Script Module is a bundle of individual modules that help you to create and maintain a record of all questionnaires /enquiries and participants.... read more

SugraCRM – WHMCS Integration

The integration of SugarCRM with WHMCS will ensure a better management of the relations with the clients, creating and maintaining campaigns or/and managing leads. In SugarCRM every user can be part of a group, every group can have different access rights, so every user can see only certain records.
This process involves migrating data, from WHMCS to SugarCRM, between every major module of WHMCS and SugarCRM, Clients – Account, Billing – Opportunities, Support – Cases. read more

SugarCRM Leads Distribution and Routing

Using our Lead Distribution and Routing Connector we make it easy for you to identify the lead distribution method that would best suits your company in order to make it more productive. With our connector you can “Push” or “Pull” the available leads and here are a few of the programs that your business can use: 1. Round Robin - Push – This type of lead assignment is one of the most common way of distributing your available leads to your clients. By using Round Robin leads are routed to the sales agents one at a time according to a number of rules.

2. Cherry Pick - Pull – The available leads are all in a pull from which sales agents can cherry pick the leads that they want.

3. Blind Pull – The available leads are all in a pull from which sales agents just pick the next available lead, none of the lead information being shown to them

4. Shark Tank Pull – The leads that have not been worked on in the allocated time are taken back from the sales agents and put back into a pool from which the other agents can come and grab the leads. read more

SugarCRM for Marketing - When Every Touch Counts

SugarCRM Marketing goes beyond traditional marketing systems and empowers you to cut through the noise and drive personalized, relevant prospect engagement that generates high quality leads. Leverage the power of real customer insight from interactions across the business and social communities to deliver campaigns and offers that matter, when they matter ... read more

SugarCRM for Sales - When Every Call Counts

SugarCRM Sales goes beyond traditional sales systems designed to force data entry and empowers you to actually spend more time selling. Focus your time and energy on who matters most in your pipeline and managed accounts, what matters most, and when it matters, so you can be prepared, engage at the right time, and stay ahead of your accounts. .. read more

SugarCRM for Support - When Every Interaction Counts

Get happier customers and real loyalty by ensuring every user across your customer service ecosystem is a customer expert when it matters: when engaging the customer. From help desks to call centers to social media communities, Sugar’s best of breed CRM platform equips your business with rapid customer insight and real-time collaboration to support and build value for every customer, every time, on time. .. read more

SugarCRM PRO (Professional)

Powered with modules not available in SugarCRM CE version, provides key information data for management level  so in any moment the sales process/numbers can be evaluated.
Using the powerfully module called "Workflow Manager" any process/activity can be automated starting with examples like automatically follow ups , process alerts , different triggers,actions and emails.
The Forecasts module allows managers to forecast and check level of accomplishment for sales team.
The professional subscription also includes outlook connector, and word connector used for mail merge ... read more

SugarCRM Hosting

We developed the CRM hosting infrastructure to provide maximum levels of availability and scalability.
• Servers are optimized for SugarCRM with great impact over performance.
• The system has "No single point of failure", if any single piece of hardware in the cluster fails, the system will still be available.
• The architecture utilizes a load-balanced architecture that allows it to scale as additional load is required.
For more details about our hosting services click here